Straight Friends Get Stranded In Blizzard

He grabbed the back of my head and held it to his lap as his cock erupted into my mouth. I felt the first wave of hot cum hit the back of my throat.


My name is Matt I am 35-year-old married guy almost 6 feet and weigh 195 pounds. I am pretty solidly built. Been married 10 years to a wonderful woman and have 2 kids. I have a few friends I hang out with and we had been planning a weekend in the mountains without the wives.

Mike, Tom, and Sam were all pretty excited about getting away, especially Mike. He had never seen snow and he couldn’t wait to go on a snowmobile. Mike and I left early on Friday and Sam and Tom were going to follow later that evening.

I went and picked up Mike and we headed to the mountains. It was a long drive and the closer we got the thicker the snow started to fall. Pretty soon we were in the middle of a blizzard.

We were so close to the cabin we didn’t want to turn around so we forged ahead. It was snowing so hard that we could barely go 10 miles per hour. We got excited when we saw the turn to the cabin. We were only 2 miles away.

Our excitement quickly died. We hit a slick area in the road and our car spun out of control landing in a deep pile of snow. We were stuck, no matter what we tried we couldn’t get the car out.

We decided to walk to the cabin. We took along a flashlight but we left our suitcases in the car. We didn’t walk to all the way to the cabin carrying them. We figured we could always come back in the morning.

Because the road to the cabin curves around I told Mike we could save about mile if we simply crossed the field to the cabin. I had been to the cabin many times before and I knew the area well. So we headed off in the middle of the snowstorm.

As we neared the cabin we walked near edge of the lake, mike’s footing slipped and as he started to fall he grabbed me for support and managed to get us both falling into the freezing water. Luckily the water was shallow near the edge but we were soaked and freezing.

We were only a few hundred feet from the cabin so we ran the rest of the way there. As we entered the cabin we were both shivering from the cold. It was pretty cold inside the cabin. We both headed for the bathroom. Mike started to argue with me that he wanted to jump in the shower first.

“Come on matt, damn boy I am freezing.”

“No fucking way Mike, this was your fault. I am just as cold as you, besides you might use up all the hot water.”

Then I saw Mike quickly taking his clothes off.

“Okay Mike screw it we will both get in, just don’t tell anyone that we did this.”

Mike said “ Yeah right like I am going to brag to anyone that I took a shower with you.”

As mike started to undress I couldn’t help but notice how well built he was. I had known Mike for a couple of years but I had never seen him naked. He looked quite impressive; Mike is about 6 foot 3 and must weigh about 225 pounds. Solid hard rock muscles were bulging everywhere.

Then Mike took of his boxers and my jaw hit the floor, here was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I had been in a lot of locker rooms but Mike’s cock was easily the biggest. It was longer soft than mine was hard.

By the way did I forget to mention Mike is black and that ebony cock looked simply huge. Mike got a chuckle as he watched me stare at his cock.

“Hey Matt, why don’t take a picture it will last you longer”

“Sorry dude, I didn’t mean to stare, I have never seen a cock so big”

“Don’t worry about it Matt I get it all the time.”

“How big is it?”

“Soft about nine inches, hard about 12 inches.”

“Damn how does your wife take it all?”

“LOL I work it in very slowly.”

By now we were both in the shower, the hot water running down our backs. It felt great. We were so cold and the hot water was perfect. The shower was pretty small and we kept bumping into each other as we tried to warm up.

I finally said. “Keep that snake away from me.”

Mike started to laugh, “ I will do the best I can but I ain’t making any promises.”

We were in there so long that we started to run out of hot water. We both dreaded getting out because the cabin was very cold. We dried off and I made a mad dash for the bed with Mike on my tail. The cabin is very small. It has a bathroom, a kitchen that opens to the living room and one bedroom.

The guys were all going to sleep on the floor in their sleeping bags and I was going to get the bed, but since Mike left everything in the car we had no choice but to share the bed.

We both got under the covers but the cabin was so cold and neither one of us wanted to get out of bed and start a fire in the fireplace.

It was so fucking cold that Mike finally said dude “ I am freezing my ass off.”

“Mike, man don’t think I am gay or anything but we might have to sleep next to each other for body heat.”

“Matt I don’t care if you were gay; right now I just want to stay warm. How do we do this.”?

“Well we can sleep the same way I sleep with my wife we can spoon together.”

“Fine get your ass over here.”

I scooted over to Mike, my back to him; he wrapped me up in his arms. I have to admit it felt good. We both started to warm up. We drifted off to sleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later, I am a very light sleeper and the slightest thing will wake me up. I thought I heard a noise outside but it was just the wind whistling in the trees.

I turned my head slightly and I could see Mike’s head buried in the pillow and I could hear and feel him breathing soundly. I could also feel his cock on my ass; it had wedged itself in my crack. I tried to move slowly to un wedge it but when I moved I felt Mike stirring. I must have woken him up. I didn’t want to embarrass him so I pretended to be asleep.

Mike whispered my name when I didn’t respond he assumed I was asleep. I expected Mike to take his dick of my ass but he didn’t. Instead I felt his hand on my ass slowly rubbing it.

I couldn’t believe my straight buddy for 2 years who was married and had kids was feeling up my ass. His big black hands were slowly working its way in between my crack. By now I was getting hard, it was so exciting to feel his cock growing. It felt like a bat.

Mike grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed it all over my ass. He took his hand and slowly separated my cheeks and slipped his cock not inside my ass but in between my legs so his cock was rubbing my balls. It felt amazing.

All I could think about was his massive cock. As he very slowly started to move it back and forth. I could feel heat of that massive cock as it passed my ass and rubbed my balls. He was so careful as not to wake me. He was slowly pushing back and forth as if he was fucking me.

Mike then used his hands to rub my chest and I could feel them slowly descend to my stomach. He kept going lower until I felt his hand rub the top of my cock. He slowly rubbed his hand over my entire cock, feeling its length. He then found my foreskin and I guess he found a new toy because he kept playing with it. I could tell he was really getting into it because he was pushing faster now.

At one point he accidentally hit my hole and I moved. He stopped. He got scared and didn’t move a muscle. I pretended I was still asleep but it didn’t matter I had scared him off. We both fell asleep with his cock wedged between my legs.

In the morning I woke up first and I was still nestled in his arms. I was enjoying the feeling of his cock next to my ass. I felt him start to wake up and I pretended I was still asleep. He slowly disengaged himself from me and got out of bed. Then I heard him curse.

“Damn the clothes are still wet.”

I woke up and said “What?”

“The clothes are still wet.”

“Well, what did you expect we left them in a pile? We were too much in a hurry to set them next to the fire. Just lay them out near the fire, they will eventually dry out. It’s not like we can go anywhere till our friends arrive and help us pull the car out.”

“Your right what am I worried about we will just wait. Besides you probably want to keep staring at my cock anyway.” Mike started laughing hysterically when he said that.

“Ha ha very funny, I tell you what though. I wish I could have your cock for a day and see what it feels like to have one.”

“Wish I could help you out there buddy.” Mike smiled as he said it.

I grabbed the playing cards and said hey lets play some poker. Mike agreed and we started playing cards. I am a much better player then Mike but I kept getting distracted because we were playing on a glass table. Mike was sitting across from me and every time I dealt to him I was staring at his cock through the table. It was sitting right in front of my face.

I kept having these strange thoughts wondering what it would feel like to suck it. I have never had any gay tendencies but Mike was sure bringing it out of me. I think Mike could sense it because every once in a while he either grabbed his cock to adjust it or he would simply just twitch it.

He got up a few times to grab some water and he would make a point to get my attention by asking me something so I would look at him as he walked back to the table. It was very tempting to watch his cock swing between his legs as he walked back.

We were fortunate that the last guest left some food behind in the fridge or we wouldn’t have had anything to eat. As he shuffled the cards I got up to go make some hot dogs and as I walked away I could see Mike staring at my ass in the mirror. It sent shivers down my spine thinking about Mike ogling my ass. Soon the day turned into night and our clothes finally dried but since we had nowhere to go we decided to head to bed.

The one bad thing the cabin was nice and warm so there was no reason for us to sleep next to each other. So we each took opposite ends of the bed. I waited until he fell asleep; I couldn’t resist taking a better look at his cock. So I slowly lifted the blanked off him to expose it. We slept with the bedroom door open so more heat from the fireplace could come in.

The warm glow of the fireplace gave me a nice view of his cock. Even soft it looked massive. I got my face right up to it. The head looked beautiful. He had a big mushroom head and I had this urge to suck on it. So I let my tongue lick the top of his head.

I couldn’t resist any longer I grabbed his cock in my hand and slowly brought it to my lips and I let it slip into my mouth. It felt so strange to have a cock in my mouth but at the same time it felt amazing. It was soft and spongy and I could get quite a bit of it into my mouth. I let my tongue swirl all around the mushroom head. I took it about half way into my mouth. I was sucking Mike’s cock and loving every minute of it.

Mike’s cock started to grow, it was getting hard and big. Pretty soon his cock was so big I could only fit the head and a little bit more into my mouth. I was really working his cock and I started to pull it out to enjoy the scenery and I felt Mike’s hand on the top of my head pushing me down back on his cock.”

“Don’t stop now Matt, it feels too good.”

I kept sucking on it and he kept his hand on the back of my head guiding me.

“Matt I am so close I am going to blow.”

I wasn’t ready to have him cum in my mouth so I pulled away and started jerking him off. His legs tighten and he erupted as I stroked it long and slow. It was like a volcano of cum erupting from his cock. As I jerked his cock he kept cumming high into the air. His cum landed on my hands and his stomach. I squeezed every drop of cum out them I did the weirdest thing; I took his cock back into my mouth and licked it clean.

Mike just sat back and let me continue sucking on it as he relaxed.

“Wow dude that was amazing. That is the best blowjob I have ever received. Bar none.”

I let it slipped from my mouth. “ Thanks, I think.” I smiled as I said it. “I don’t know if I want to be known as a great cocksucker but I am glad you enjoyed it.”

“What got into you?”

“Well if you must know I was pretty horny last night after you were messing around with me.”

“You were awake?”

“Yeah but I didn’t know how to react so I pretended to sleep. I was real sorry when you stopped.”

“Really…………you know we can pick up were we left off last night.”

“Sound like a plan to me. But first I want you to return the favor and come over and suck me off.”

“Hey no problem, if it means me getting some of that ass I will suck your cock all night long.”

I stretched out on the bed; Mike got up and turned on the light.

“I want a good look at the cock I am about to suck.”

He crawled back into bed got between my legs and started playing with my cock. Now I have nothing to brag about, next to MikeI am about 7 inches but I am real thick so mike was enjoying playing with it and my foreskin. He let his tongue slide between my cock and my skin and it felt great. If I didn’t know any better I would swear he had done this before.

I put my legs on his shoulders and let him go to town; he was really sucking on my cock good. He was getting all my cock into his mouth. It felt amazing as he deep throated me. There is no way this was his first time. Pretty soon I warned Mike I was about to cum but he kept sucking harder. Finally I couldn’t hold out anymore I tried pulling his head up but he slapped my hand away and sucked harder.


I exploded into his hungry mouth; Mike swallowed every drop as my cock kept squirting into his mouth.


Mike kept sucking me, even after I went soft, he then moved down and spread my legs so he could suck my balls, he kept sucking lower until he was licking all around my ass. Then it happened. The most incredible, delectable feeling as I felt his tongue enter my ass. Mike was eating my ass and I loved it. His tongue was going places no man or woman had ever touched before. Mike was really into eating my ass.

Mike then started to let his finger rub around my hole and he was trying to push it in slowly. He worked his finger until he pushed it into my ass past the first knuckle. Wow what a feeling, the man knew how to work it. Mike then got up and went to the kitchen. He came back with a bottle of cooking oil and applied some to my ass and his massive cock. He looked at me.

“Go ahead Mike I want to feel your cock inside me.”

Mike put my legs on his shoulders mike took a hold of his black cock and rubbed it all over my ass. Slipping it down my crack I couldn’t wait to feel it go inside. He then took his cock and put it next to my hole and slowly tried to push it, His cock was so big he couldn’t get it in.

“Relax Matt, I will go real slow. Just relax your muscles.”


Mike pushed the head in past my sphincter.

“Oh my fucking God….Get that thing out of me.”

The pain ripped through my ass. I felt like a baseball bat was trying to fuck me.

“Matt, relax man it will feel good if you relax.”

“Fuck you and your horse dick get that thing out of my ass NOW.”

“Sorry Matt no can do, you promised me your ass and I am going to have it, so relax and enjoy it.”

“ I am serious Mike I can’t take it.”

“Dude relax, you will see, take a deep breath and relax.”

“Okay…Okay I will try. Just don’t fucking move.”

Mike kept his cock still as my ass muscles adjusted, finally the pain subsided and I made the first move. I grabbed his ass and pulled him in a little deeper.

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  1. Steve says:

    Dam love that to happen to me i think mike has done this before any is there a part 2 i love story like these love back and forth

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