My Macho Dad And Sweet Uncle

“You can really suck cock, can’t you?” I asked my Uncle while pushing his forehead back so we could make eye contact.


On that summer afternoon back in the late 70’s I was supposed to be out in the western part of the state checking out the college that I would be attending in a few short weeks, but instead of spending the day around the campus and staying over to check out the night life in the little city that had a reputation of being quite a party town, I ended up coming home.

I thought from the start it might be a mistake to bring along my friend Alan but he had insisted so I let him drive me out there. What I suspected might happen, did. Alan hated everything about the college, but I knew the main problem was that out here it wasn’t a sin to be gay. There were signs for gay and lesbian clubs and events, and while it was nothing like it is today, it was clear that there wasn’t the need to stay in the closet on campus like it was in our hometown.

“You’re going to find somebody new and kick me to the curb,” Alan finally blurted out while revealing his real problem with me coming out there.

Thankfully this outburst came just before we would have ended up spending money on a motel room and learning about the alleged party town, which I would discover come fall was everything it was rumored to be.

Alan would have been right because we had begun to drift apart anyway, but his dramatic whining only convinced me that I should end it with him before I moved out here. I decided to wait until we went back home and I had a chance to really think it over, because the long ride with him sobbing much of the time was brutal enough as it was.

Alan dropped me off at home and I saw my Mom’s sister’s car parked out front. This got my curiosity piqued, because I had always suspected that my Dad and Aunt Rita had something going on between them. There was nothing that I ever actually saw but just more of a feeling.

For the heck of it I didn’t go into the house but went around back, hoping I could get a glimpse of Dad and Aunt Rita in action. By my 18th year my sexual pursuits were mostly confined to my own gender, but back then as now, I was not exclusive. Gay but not a fanatic about it was what I called it.

To my delight, not only was I going to able to see but with the window open I could hear as well. The curtains were gently blowing in the breeze and as I crept over to what I hoped was a prime position where I would not be caught, there was a voice coming from inside my parent’s bedroom. My Dad’s, and he wasn’t alone either, but who he was talking to was not my Aunt Rita but my Uncle Chad.

This was a shock because my Dad did not seem to care for my Mom’s brother much at all, at least from what I had gathered from time to time. Dad was more of a man’s man both physically and in what he enjoyed, whereas Uncle Chad was – well he was more like my Mom – a very nebbish intellectual type. A nice enough man, but not somebody my father would be associating with.

My first reaction was that maybe my Dad had needed help with something, moving a piece of furniture maybe, and with me out of town he had called up my uncle, but that made no sense because Uncle Chad never lifted much more than a pencil at work.

As it turned out, while many things I suspected turned out to be true, I was wrong about a lot of things and my education was enhanced the moment I looked inside. I didn’t spend much time looking, but saw enough.


I’m guessing that I had arrived just after my father had gotten home from work because he was still dressed in his work clothes, jeans and a red and black checkered shirt that had the sleeves removed, not very stylish or clean but when you’re a construction foreman that’s typical of what he and his crew wore.

Uncle Chad wasn’t dressed in his work clothes through. His suit was over on the corner chair and while he wasn’t naked when I first looked in, after he removed his red satin boxer shorts except for his black socks he was.

My shock at what I was seeing can’t be measured. What in the world was going on? Why was Uncle Chad naked in my parents bedroom? The biggest question of all was what was my Dad doing in there staring at my Uncle, watching him meekly pulling on his dick while seeming to wait for instructions?

I looked at Uncle Chad, and while I had seen him at various functions and even in his baggy bathing suit a few times, of course I had never seen him naked and despite my head spinning I almost chuckled when I saw him like this.

The pasty white body, slender and lacking much muscle and almost no body hair wasn’t what got my attention. It was the way he was tugging nervously on his dick, but then I felt bad for the guy because his penis was really small. I’m not incredibly hung up on size but had never seen a grown man with such a tiny organ.

“You’ve been pulling on that peanut all your life Chad,” came my father’s deep voice from across the room. “Hasn’t worked.”

Uncle Chad smiled a little at that before walking across the room to my father and standing in front of him. My old man was about a head taller than Uncle Chad, probably outweighed him by 75 pounds and could have crushed him like a grape but when he raised his hand to him it was just to bring him closer so my uncle could unbutton my Dad’s shirt.

The expression on my Uncle Chad’s face after her got the shirt undone and pulled it off Dad’s broad shoulders was one of awe, partly because while my father was in his late 40’s at the time his work kept him fit, his burly chest wide and his biceps as big as Uncle Chad’s thighs.

And Dad was not only letting Uncle Chad undress him, he was enjoying it. Dad. macho Dad. Straightest man on the planet, or so I thought, with his head rolling back while my uncle raked his fingers through the matted hair that covered Dad’s chest, running his hands through Uncle’s Chad’s thinning hair while he sucked on Dad’s nipple.

Uncle Chad raised his head and said something to Dad that I couldn’t hear but Dad nodded and took the hand that had been holding the back of my uncle’s head and brought it back behind his head.

My uncle grasped Dad’s bicep, which had bulged even larger with the movement, and as Uncle Chad squeezed the rock hard muscle he leaned forward and without a moment’s hesitation buried his face into Dad’s armpit.

Dad’s head raised towards the ceiling as he let out a load groan, seeming to revel in my uncle apparently making love to the hairy cavern that I suspected had a scent that reflected the labors of a long day, but if Uncle Chad minded that he sure didn’t show it. Even if I couldn’t actually see it I could hear my uncle’s feral noises as he licked and sucked my old man’s armpit hair.

Dad’s pants were dropping down and while my uncle kept apparently trying to lick my father’s sweaty body clean I saw his hands clutch Dad’s ass through the boxers before tugging them down, revealing my father’s rock hard butt.

I had no right to watch this, and had even less right to be aroused but I was. My Uncle Chad was on his knees ow apparently sucking my Dad’s cock and I stood there wanting to see it, although I was blocked by my father’s butt. Is it sick to want to see your old man’s cock? I had seen it a few times in the past by chance flaccid, but it looked like it was either hard or on the way there, and that was proved when he took his cock out of Uncle Chad’s mouth and in the process shifted a bit so I could see them in profile.

Dad slapped my uncle’s cheeks with his erection before lifting it up and depositing his cock on top of Uncle Chad’s head. It was both an absurd and an erotic sight to see Dad’s cock resting on my uncle’s balding head while Chad contorted his head to lick his balls.

It looked like there was close to 9″ of thick man meat sitting there, and while I had always dreamed to grow up to be just like Dad in many ways, seeing that while I might not quite be his equal as far as cock size was, I was really close. Maybe even a bit thicker, although I wished that I had been left uncut like my father was.

I ducked away from the window when they started moving, both to catch my breath and to make sure I wasn’t detected out there. When I peeked back in Dad was on his back in the bed and Uncle Chad was down between my father’s thighs at the foot of the bed.

First I thought that Uncle Chad was still sucking Dad’s cock but there it was, the arching plum curled back onto his stomach and his hairy nut sack was against my uncle’s skull while he raised his legs up over Uncle Chad’s shoulders.

“Get it!” Dad grunted as he grabbed fist-fulls of bedding. “Work it in there!”

Omigod. My uncle was rimming my father, and apparently Chad didn’t much care that Dad had just gotten out of work or not. Just the opposite. He seemed to be reveling in it.

This was somehow turning me on even more, beyond the actual acts themselves. Alan had done these same things to me; having licked my armpits and rimmed my anus many times, but only after a shower or at times when I was pristine. I don’t know what Dad was about that moment, but pristine couldn’t have been it. Nasty? Maybe, but there was something primal about it that I loved.

Outside, I was sweating as much as both of them as a result of watching these men for the last few minutes. My cock was so stiff in my pants that if I moved the wrong way it would snap in two, so after standing there with my back to the wall I decided to leave, just taking a peek back in when I heard a scream – my Uncle’s.

Dad was fucking Uncle Chad. My uncle was perched on the foot of the bed on his knees with his pale white butt in the air and Dad was standing at the foot of the bed with his hands on Chad’s hips thrusting into him hard and fast while I stood there with a side view of it all.

It was like watching Sasquatch savaging a fawn, with sweat flying off Dad’s hairy body as he pounded away, but Uncle Chad wasn’t being attacked. No, he was taking it willingly and judging by the fact his dick was erect he was liking it.

Before I turned away for the last time Uncle Chad had even taken one hand off the bed and was stroking his dick, his thumb and index finger vigorously rubbing the modest spout. After I heard him cry out and watched his dick spit cum onto the sheets I left, getting on my bike and pedaling over to Alan’s house.


“I was afraid you were mad at me,” Alan said about an hour later, and I knew he was so happy to see me that he did everything to me that Uncle Chad had done to my Dad, despite my tattered appearance.

Oh, Alan had suggested we take a shower after I got there and started roughly undressing him, but I wasn’t having any of that. Instead, it was like a recreation of what I had just witnessed in my folks bedroom, with me playing dad and Alan playing Uncle Chad. Alan licked what Chad had licked and took what my uncle had took, even taking me anally despite how much he said it always hurt.

It was perverse on my part to think of Alan as my Uncle Chad, but the more I thought about it, the similarities were there. I was a chip off the old block, albeit a slightly smaller version of Dad while Alan was a rather boyish guy even if at 19 he was a year my elder, and while Alan wasn’t well hung by any means, compared to my uncle he was.

That turned out to be the last time the two of us were intimate, because I would break it off soon after. At home, it was a little tough to look at Dad without seeing him the way he was in the bedroom, but he acted like his usual gruff teddy bear self.

“Your Mom had to go to your grandmother’s,” Dad informed me the next morning. “Took your Aunt Rita with her.”

“Oh,” I replied, the mystery of where Mom was as well as the reason for the car in the driveway yesterday both solved.

“Going to be home late tonight,” Dad said, and later that day I got on my bike a took the ride to my mother’s sister’s house, not surprised a bit when I saw our car in Uncle Chad’s driveway as I pedaled past.

What did I think about all of these revelations? Learning my Uncle Chad was at least bisexual wasn’t all that shocking, although seeing him with my father and watching him do the things he did was. In thinking back, I can remember noticing him looking at me from time to time in ways that would have been unsettling if it were a stranger. I had mistaken it for love and pride of a caring relative.

My father though was a real eye-opener. How had he kept this side of him hidden so well? Did Mom know? And what was this power he seemed to have over my uncle, treating him like a slave? Uncle Chad was a respected businessman in this town, owner of a small successful insurance agency. Why would he allow himself to be treated and degraded like that?

Like most 18 year old guys I had thought I knew everything but I would soon learn my education had only just begun and soon I would know much more, about my father, my uncle, and especially myself.


I had been casing my uncle’s insurance agency for the last half hour, riding my bike past and hoping not to be seen by my Uncle Chad. It was a small brick building and it seemed like there was only a receptionist and an office behind her desk, which I assumed was my uncle’s.

At five the woman at the desk had left, and it was then that instead of pedaling past I stopped and locked my bike to the pole of a street sign out front. I was nervous about what I was going to do, and even though I had plotted it out in my head there was no certainty about any of it actually coming off like I wanted.

Still, there was so much I had to know, and before I had a chance to talk myself out of it I went to the door and opened it. There was a jingling of a little bell that signaled my entrance, and as I was turning around I heard the office door open and my uncle clear his voice.

“I’m sorry sir, I was just getting ready to… oh!” he said after recognizing me. “Peter! How good to see you!”

“Hi Uncle Chad,’ I answered as normally as I could. “Just passing by and I thought I’d stop in to say hello.”

“So glad you did too son,” Chad said. “Step back to my office. Let me get this first.”

Uncle Chad turned the OPEN sign to CLOSED and turned the lock on the knob, and then patted me on the back and led me to his office. He had a little refrigerator that he pulled a couple of sodas out of and after motioning for me to sit in the leather seat on the other side of his desk, plopped down himself and loosened the tie and undid the top button of his starched white shirt.

“Tough day,” Uncle Chad said, and noting the sweat stains on the neck line and under the arm holes of my tank-top he added, “Still warm out there I see.”

“Oh yes,” I said, nonchalantly reaching back and rubbing the back of my neck, and when I saw where his eyes went after I had raised my arm there was a tingle at the back of my spine.

“You’ll be off to school pretty soon,” Chad said as he picked up a pencil and idly tapped it while pretending not to stare at my exposed armpit. “Your folks will miss you.”

“Oh well,” I said. “Dad had plenty to keep himself busy.”

“Good that your grandmother is feeling better,” Uncle Chad said after I lowered my arm and leaned back in the chair. “When you were out of town last week your Mom and Rita had to go tend to her, but I guess you know that.”

“Yes,” I said. “As a matter-of-fact, I ended up coming back home early from that trip. Came home and saw your car in the driveway.”

“You did?” Uncle Chad said, her voice wobbling a little, and when I nodded and stretched, linking my hands behind my neck Uncle Chad started to get a bit spastic.

“Yes – is something wrong Uncle Chad,” I asked innocently while puffing my chest out as far as I could.

“No Peter,” Chad mumbled. “It’s just that you’re like the spitting image of your father.”

“Is that a good thing?” I asked

“Oh yes. Your father is a good man and he’s done a great job of raising you, him and your Mom.”

“Funny, I never thought you and Dad were all that friendly to each other.”

“Oh, there were times when we had our differences but over time we’ve become closer,” Uncle Chad said while looking everywhere but at me.

“I didn’t know that until last week,” I said slowly before adding. “Until I happened to peek into a window on my way into the house.”

“You did?” Uncle Chad whispered, and when I nodded his own head bobbed, and to his credit he didn’t go through any babbling about not knowing what I was referring to. “I see. I know what you must think.”

“I don’t know what I think,” I said honestly.

“I can only assume that you haven’t told your mother,” Chad said. “Because it would destroy her. Your father? I assume you didn’t…”

“I haven’t said anything to anybody.”

“Good. I can’t help but ask how much you saw.”

“I saw quite a bit,” I said. “Way more than I should have, so in a way I’m apologizing for invading your privacy – yours and Dad’s.”

“It’s your house. I should have been more discrete. You deserve an explanation of sorts though.”

“Only if you want to offer it. What I saw was plenty clear – and graphic. I learned a lot about both of you, that’s for sure.”

“Nobody knows this, and while I should be ashamed to admit much of this, I feel like I can trust you,” Uncle Chad said. “You see – well you saw – that I’m not straight. In fact, I think I’m gay since while I like your Aunt Rita, I got married more because it was expected of me. I was ashamed at my attraction to men and thought having a wife would somehow change me.”

“I did my best, but it obviously wasn’t good enough. Rita – she might not have known about my urges but she did know that as a lover I was – I tried,” Uncle Chad said. “Eventually, I found out that she was having an affair and I confronted her about it and demanded to know who it was. It was with your father.”

“My Dad was really fucking my Mom’s sister?” I said incredulously but after i thought about it admitted, “I actually suspected it, believe it or not.”

“I didn’t and frankly it hit me like a cannonball. I asked her how she could do that to not only me but her own sister,” Chad said as he wrung his hands. “She said she couldn’t help herself. Your Dad came on to her and – Rita was a virgin when we met and I was the only man she had up until your father.”

“Besides, she explained that your father was so insatiable that your Mom could never keep him satisfied,” Chad informed me. “She actually knew that he had other lovers, although your Mom surely didn’t know her sister is one of them. Still doesn’t.”

“And so you just said you were fine with this?”

“I went to talk to your father. Told him I knew about him and my wife and told him that I was willing to forget the whole thing ever happened,” Chad explained. “For the good of the family though, it needed to stop. He said no.”

“I tried to reason with him, even bringing up the fact that Rita – nice woman that she is – was not nearly as pretty as her sister. Why did he want her? He said it was because she would take him anally. Your Mom, I guess she wouldn’t,” Uncle Chad related. “I told your father he was a liar because Rita would never do anything like that.”

I watched my uncle walk around the table, taking a break before diving back in.

“Your Dad told me that I didn’t know shit about Rita. Said that up until he came around she had no idea how she had been cheated. Told me that she almost fainted when she saw his cock that first time, and it took him 10 minutes to get it in her pussy because she was a tight as a virgin,” Chad said. “Said that he knew then I had a little pecker, and Rita came to love his size so much that even when he said he wanted to fuck her in the ass she let him. Then he said how he even made my wife rim him. I said I didn’t know what that meant, and when he told me – I hit him.”

“You hit my old man?”

“I did,” Chad said. “It was like a a fly bouncing off a windshield. He looked at me with an amused expression and said that because that might have been the first time I had tried to act like a man he was going to let that pass.”

“He did?” I asked.

“Pretty much, although he did grab me by the shirt, lifted me in the air and slammed me against the wall,” Chad explained. “It was probably funny unless you’re the one being held up there like a cartoon character with your legs kicking in the air.”

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  1. skyreader47 says:

    This story is very unusual and very good. Having the son play the same sexual role his father played with his deprived uncle is hot enough, but like how the writer adds a level of caring that is unexpected. That’s the kind of twist that makes for excellent writing.

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