I’ll Suck It For The Right Price

“Would you suck my cock for money?” “Sure but that doesn’t make me gay if I do it for money…Right? I mean, I wouldn’t enjoy it or anything.”


The house in an upscale Phoenix neighborhood looked impressive from the outside. A two-storied rock façade mini-mansion set back from the street. It looked like all the houses in the neighborhood, including the large iron gates to keep out snoopy people and the police. Not that there was anything really illegal going on in the house, but the pool parties could sometimes get out of hand with neighbors calling the police.

Jeff looked at the address on his phone from the email he had received. It matched the curbside address. This had to be it. Although, Jeff wasn’t sure what he expected from the ad he had answered online. He was getting desperate for a decent job, but he had no skills to speak of. Jeff had been working in the mailroom at an insurance company for $12 an hour when he spotted the ad while surfing his favorite porn sites.

BIG $$$ for talented BTM with famous porn studio. Must be 18 or older. Test clean for STDs. No experience. Email headshot and resume to brobater@jizzjammers.xxx

When he replied to the email, Jeff was a little stoned and little drunk and didn’t know that BTM stood for bottom. He was a little naïve about such terms and unaware that he was applying for a job as a model in gay porn. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen gay porn on his laptop, but it was something he skipped over on his way to the horny chicks being raw dogged. Not that Jeff averse to gay sex. It was just that he hadn’t considered it an option. He accepted his role as a straight male.

However, Jeff already had a world of experience in his love life. He was divorced with a kid and had a girlfriend. Back in the day, Jeff was a flirt with the chicks and a hero to his bros. At 5’9″ and 165 pounds, Jeff was muscular and good at sports. He was also hung which made him a hit with the babes and Jeff wasn’t shy about showing off his talents at fucking. He was a red-blooded all-American guy with innocent looks and a rocking bod. His job at the insurance company didn’t pay enough to keep a roof over his head and pay child support. Jeff needed a new gig, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

From the gates of the big house, Jeff punched in the gate code that had been sent in the email setting up his appointment. The Lamborghini in the drive meant that somebody here was making money. Nervously, Jeff rang the bell at the front doors and was greeted by a tall blonde babe wearing only a string bikini, showing off her large fake tits. Hot damn, Jeff was about to score big time, or so he thought at the time.

“I’m Jeff Newkirk. I have an appointment with Mr. Metz.”

The hot blonde led him into the house and past the living room where a production was being videoed. Jeff stopped in his tracks to see the chick being spit roasted by two muscle dudes. Fuck, the scene was getting him hard. They continued to walk past the grand staircase to a library.

“Hey boss, this is Jeff Newkirk, right on time,” she said and turned on her whore heels and left.

“Come in Mr. Newkirk,” Leo Metz said as he sat behind a large oak desk. “I like what I see. The picture you sent doesn’t do you justice.”

“Thanks, I do alright with the chicks,” Jeff said with a smile.

“Chicks? You do know that this job is for a gay model, right? It was clear in the ad that I was looking for someone to bottom,” Metz said.

Jeff smiled and pretended that he hadn’t misunderstood. “Bottom?” Jeff asked.

“You know, take it up the ass, butt fuck, anal,” Metz answered.

“Oh sure, yeah, no, I totally knew that. I was just being stupid. I thought, maybe, with what I saw in the living room, you were looking for someone who could be, you know, flexible. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity because I could totally fuck a chick on camera if that’s what you’re looking for.”

Leo Metz was a short, fat man, balding, wearing rose-tinted wire-rim glasses and an expensive suit. “Tell me, Jeff, have you ever made it with a dude?”

“”You mean like gay sex. No. Well, there was this one time when a buddy and I jacked each other off. It was no big deal.”

“You’re not gay then?” Metz asked.

“I didn’t say that, but, I didn’t not say that.” Jeff was trying to keep his options open. He needed a job that paid better than being a desk jockey. “I’m open for anything I guess is what I’m saying.”

“”You’d be willing to take a big hard dick up that muscled butt of yours?” Metz was sitting back smiling making the guy blush.

“I mean, sure, yeah. It doesn’t hurt does it?”

“How the hell should I know, I’m not gay. I just make these videos for money. My production company does straight and gay videos. Two markets. More money. Understand? Now, get undressed and let’s see the goods.”

While Jeff was folding his dress slacks, yellow tie, and blue button-down shirt in a neat pile on a chair. Metz was on the phone asking his bikini-clad receptionist to get Chaz Bronson to come to the library. Chaz was one of Jizz Jammers top performers and was the person on whom Metz relied on to hire new male performers.

“Off with the tighty whities,” Metz urged. Jeff dropped his briefs and stepped out of them, his hands folded over his junk. Chaz entered the room and gave a wolf whistle to what he saw standing before him.

Jeff’s cheeks were blushing as he saw Chaz checking him out like a piece of meat in the deli.

“Nice, real nice, Leo. The guys got a fresh face, sort of that boy-next-door look. Raise your arms to the sides and let me get a look at your package,” Chaz ordered.

Jeff did as instructed. He felt Chaz fondling his nuts, making his fat dick begin to swell. It was clear that Jeff was a grower, not a shower. It was a relief that he was getting a bone from Chaz playing with his dick. Jeff wasn’t averse to having his junk manhandled. He was soon sporting a nice hard bone. Jeff was uncut with a 7-inch cock when it was hard. His dick was thick and straight, and Chaz pulled it down and released it to see it slap against Jeff’s tight abs. His pecs were muscled and well-proportioned with nice brown nipples. His ass, arms, and legs showed that he worked out regularly.

“Trim the pubs and shave the balls. That’ll make it look bigger and cleaner for the camera to video. Now bend over and spread your cheeks.”

It felt a little vulnerable in that position, but Jeff was getting used to having another guy touch him in his most intimate places. In fact, he was beginning to enjoy the attention he was getting, especially when Chaz used descriptors like hot and sexy.

“Lose the hair in your ass crack, it will make you look more virginal,” Chaz continued. “Are you a squirter or a dribbler?”

“More of a squirter I guess. I cum a lot and can do it several times a day.”

“Awesome,” Chaz said with a big grin. “Let’s see it.”


“Jack off. I want to see you blast out your load.”

“Okay.” Jeff sounded a little unsure if could actually do it now that he had bragged about it. He took his hard cock in hand and began pumping his fist up and down. “Lube?” he asked.

However, Chaz, being a professional, dropped to his knees in front of the guy and sucked the hard cock into his mouth, slathering it with his spit. That helped, and Jeff was able to pump away while Chaz played with his ball sack. Jeff had closed his eyes and tried to fantasize about his most erotic thoughts, but having Chaz sucking on the head of his dick and playing with his nuts was about as erotic as anything Jeff’s brain stem could conjure. He opened his eyes and saw the way the Chaz was making love to his hard prick, the absolute pleasure that Chaz was deriving from sucking on the smooth head of his steely cock.

“I’m gonna. Oh god, fuck, oh god, here it… oh god, fuck, fuck, feels so… fuck.” His eyes clenched shut, and his head flew back as he jettisoned his load across Chaz’s face and hair. Chaz returned to sucking the tip of Jeff’s squirting dick, and Jeff returned to jacking off. As promised, he was a squirter and Chaz’s drenched face was proof.

“Fucking awesome, dude,” Chaz said. “You’re a natural bro. Welcome to the club!”

The was a good enough audition for Mr. Metz, and he got on the phone to Jennifer, his assistant, who immediately appeared in the doorway with a towel for Chaz and a contract for Jeff.

“Now we need a screen name for you. I like Jeff for your first name. Sounds wholesome, guy next door, innocent type, but what will be your last name?”

“Bottoms,” Jeff said with a laugh. “That’s why I came to audition in the first place, isn’t it?”

“Great! Jeff Bottoms. Jennifer, sweetie, take Jeff to the stylist and get him cleaned up. You know what to do,” Mr. Metz ordered.

Dressed in her string bikini and heels, Jennifer led Jeff away, still naked from his unconventional job interview. He had gone soft and was now measuring only three or four inches, foreskin drooping over the end of his dick and a nice sized set of balls. Down the hall to the left was a master suite of the house that was being used for hair and makeup, with the ensuite bath for clean up after messy sex scenes which were being shot in various rooms and poolside.

“Oh my, what a sexy man,” the older queen said as he twirled a comb between his fingers.

“Edgar, this is Jeff. Mr. Metz just hired him. We will be doing screen tests tomorrow, so I want the works – dye, cut, and style of the hair. Keep it short and maybe a little rough looking. Shave everything you can and a Brazilian for his undercarriage. Teach him how to use a little mascara and eyeliner, but keep it light. He shouldn’t look like a man-whore.”

“Easy peasy, Jen. The guy has great features, tanned skin with no tan line, and lots of muscles.”

Jeff sat in the chair while Edgar picked at the conservative hairstyle Jeff had worn forever. Edgar worked his cosmetology magic on him, coloring his mousy brown hair and giving him a lighter shade to highlight his brown eyes. Jeff felt like a guinea pig as he was plucked and prodded, shaved, and waxed to perfection. When he finally looked in the mirror, Jeff saw a new persona emerging. A very sexy gay man was staring back at him, and he liked what he saw. He could do this. Jeff remembered the old adage: Fake it till you make it.

The next step would be more of a challenge. Jennifer would be giving him instructions on bottoming like a porn star. She had lots of practice taking dick up the ass. They went into the ensuite bath and closed the door.

“Okay, this may seem uncomfortable, but it’s all about body function, particularly your colon. You’re going to have to get used to the prep. It can be a little icky because we’re dealing with shit and a big dick going up your pooper. When did you last eat?”

“Last night, I had pizza for dinner,” Jeff said, confused by her question.

“Good, it should be digested by now and in your colon. Your goal is to get it out and clean the rectum. Drink this and follow with a full glass of water.”

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3 thoughts on “I’ll Suck It For The Right Price

  1. Phxtom says:

    I was a bit apprehensive about such a long story but after starting it I couldn’t get enough! I wish there were more to follow these guys’ escapades! They seem to be on their way to build an empire of hot steamy models who all love what they’re doing! HOT story!

  2. Ross says:

    Money talks.
    Many Young Straight/Bi Men will do things today for cash that my generation would not have done. (Even though, many of us BabyBoomers fantasied about doing them!)

  3. Ron says:

    Lots of great action. Love the openness of everyone. I know this is fantasy, but it’s never been my experience that every straight guy I know, even when a 100% gay friendly and supportive is just going to give up his ass so easy. Blow job, yes, that’s pretty doable. I thought now that my generation of all the old fuddy duds like me in their mid to late 50s have been horrified to take it up the poop chute, apparently the early 20s to 35, seem to just hop on a gigantic pole at the mere suggestion. Haha I was born to soon! But it was a really fun journey from guy to guy to guy. I think that adult sex is recreation. Or in other words I prefer a lot of descriptive hot dirty action and fun. Anyway. You do a really good job with the stories.

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