I Sucked My Son’s Boyfriend

No matter how many nights I do it, I’ve never gotten use to sleeping alone. Lonely nights feel even more so in a king sized bed; room for two occupied by one. I look to my reflection on my closet mirror. I even look pathetic to myself. My chest has grown a thick mat of black fur, untrimmed, trailing down my torso, leading to the dark black bush above my penis. It’s not like I have anyone to manscape for. My stomach is beginning to pudge, hiding the six pack I was once extremely proud of. My face has a slight stubble, which will soon disappear in the morning when I shave for work. All things considered, though, I am still a fairly descent looking guy for 45. I’m no underwear model, but I’m not bad to look at.

Sexually and romantically I’ve been alone for years. Ever since the casual girlfriend I knocked up left our son on my front step and ran off 19 years ago. Between raising Harper, my son, and work, I never found much time for dating. I barely could find time to masturbate. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. I’m close to my son and have a great relationship to him, father and friend, and thanks to all the hard work I’ve put in at the office, I was able to send him to the college of his choosing.

I’ve been lonely for almost two decades, but I’d never been alone, that is until 5 months ago when Harper left for college. While he was only a couple miles away attending state university, he was still no longer a part of my daily life. I missed him like crazy. I never realized that I depended on him as much as he did me. I had been out of the dating world for too long to know how to get back into in, had always been too busy for friends, and now my only companion was off living his own life.

However, this day was better. It was winter break from college, and Harper was back home. Here for an entire month. He brought a friend, Colby I think his name is, to stay with us. At first I was a little bummed out that my quality time with Harper was going to be interrupted, but Colby seemed like a nice guy, and when you’re as lonely as I have been, any company is good company. They arrived in the late afternoon, and we went out to dinner at a local pizza place and we got to catch up. Harper and Colby were team mates on the college soccer team. Harper had joined solely for his love of the sport, while Colby was at the college on scholarship; athletic scholarship was the only way he could afford college. From what I gathered, Colby’s parents abandoned him when he was a young child and he spent his life bouncing from foster home to foster home until he aged out of the system 8 months ago. Though a sad way to grow up, he does appear stronger for it. He is very confident and in control. He needs no one to take care of him, because he can take care of himself.

Now, I have never been with a man or ever really thought about it, but I’ve also never been one of those guys who were too insecure in their own sexuality to notice when another man is attractive, and Colby was a fine looking man. He was around 6’3, taller than both me and my son who both capped out at 5’8. His hair was full and styled perfectly with that just out of bed look. The near blackness of his hair made his bright blue eyes stand out more than they already did. They were gorgeous. His face was pale and smooth, but his lips were full and cherry red. Though clothed I could see his muscles bulging out. He wasn’t overly muscular, but was in extremely good shape. Looking at him made the word Adonis come to my mind. He was absolutely beautiful.

This was a fact that didn’t appear to be lost on my son. Though, I had sometimes suspected my son might be gay, it was never something we had directly discussed. I never tried to push the issues, fearing outing him before he had come to terms with it, but I always tried to make sure he knew that I was supportive of the LGBT community, so that when he was ready he’d feel safe to tell me.

There was something in the way they looked at each other. I wouldn’t call it love, but rather lust. They seemed hungry for each other, rather than affectionate. I assumed they were probably friends who helped each other out sexually. I knew they would probably have sex in my house, just down the hall from my room. That thought excited me.

Now as I’m laying here, lonely and naked in my bed I’m beginning to believe my suspicions may be true. I begin to hear noises coming from down the hall. They start out subtle. I heard what I believed to be the smacking sounds of a passionate kiss, followed not to long after by what sounded like slight gagging and the occasional moans. At first I thought my horniness was just getting the best of me, but as the sound of my son’s bed slowly creaking filled the silent house I knew it was true. Just down the hall from me, my son was getting fucked by possibly the most handsome man I had ever seen. I look down to see my dick start to rise. My arousal worries me. Why I am turned on my the noise of my son having sex?

The gentle rhyme of the bed’s movements and slight whimpers escaping from my son are hypnotic. I find myself drawn to them. I get out of bed and slowly walk down the hall towards Harper’s room. I feel in a trance, like I’m out of my body, watching myself.

I find the his bedroom door partially opened, and I peek in, and look upon a sight that almost makes me cum before I am even fully hard. My son’s body is bent over the bed, his face burried in a pillow in an attempt to mute his cries of pleasure. I see his left hand clutching the bed sheets and his right hand strokes his throbbing dick. He seems to be about average length and thickness, but he is not really what my focus is on. Behind him, plowing into my boy’s ass like an animal in heat is Colby. Sweat is dripping down his fit body, the light dusting of hair on his chest slicked down from the wetness. I can’t see his cock, but I can just tell he’s big.

My dick has finally fully risen and is as hard as I ever remember it being. I reach down and begin to stroke my 7 inches slowly as I watch my son take this rough fuck. My eyes are glued to their bodies, how they move together. It’s then I realize, I’m not turned on because my son is getting fucked, I’m turned on wishing I was getting fucked in place of my son. Harper was in so much pleasure, his entire body was trembling from the fucking he was receiving. His head turned toward me. He had his eyes closed tight as his teeth bit into the pillow. He was smiling, he was loving every second of this. I looked back at Colby and my eyes meet his eyes. He was watching me watching him. I thought about running, but the look in his eyes and the smile on his lips told me to stay. I just stood there, stroking my hard dick in unison to his thrusts, lost in the blueness of his eyes and the overwhelming smell of sweat and musk that was filling the room.

He winked at me, then grabbed Harper by the waist and picked him up, flipping him onto his back. He leaned down and the two of them kissed, I could see my son sucking his lover’s tongue into his mouth, kissing him like his life depended on it. I could see Colby’s cock now. It was huge, at least nine inches, thick and uncut. I could see the veins sticking out of it, and the lube caused it to shine in the moonlight that was in through the window. He wasn’t wearing a condom. He was fucking my son bare.

“Ready for more of my cock babe?” Colby asked huskily.

“Babe, shush, what if my dad hears?” Harper replied in a hushed tone.

“Then let him hear, I don’t care. Let him hear me fucking his sons ass, he may even like it.”

Harper scoffed, “You are such a dirty boy.”

“Never heard you complain before, now tell me what you want, don’t whisper it, say it out loud, and I’ll give it to you”

“God, I want your cock babe. I want you to fuck me hard, I just want you to grab hold of me and use me until you cum deep inside of me. I’m yours to do whatever you want.”

“Fuck yea baby, that’s hot. I want that too.” With that Colby rammed his dick back into my son, filling his hole in one thrust. My son gasped with pleasure and the fucking resumed.

There was no more concern between either of them of being noisy or waking me, their horniness had taken over. Harper couldn’t control his screams any longer. Chanting “Oh yes Colby, fuck me, fuck me hard.” While Colby had regressed from words, and was becoming primal, grunting and groaning like a caveman as he fucked into my son, hard. From this new position, I could see it, his fat cock sliding in and out of my sons ass lips. I could tell by my sons cries and the pool of precum accumulating on his stomach that Colby was hitting his prostate.

Harper began to moan loader and I could see every muscle in his athletic body tighten. He pulled Colby into him, sharing a passionate kiss with him as a hands free orgasm pulsed through my son’s cock. After the last bit of cum oozed out, Colby pulled away from my son’s lips, and leaned down to Harper’s stomach and begins to slurp up the massive mess my son had made. I almost lost it watching his lips inhale my son’s jucies. Once my sons smooth abs were cleaned, Colby stands up and swallows. “God you taste so good baby.”

“God, fuck, that was amazing, come on babe, your turn, I want you to cum now, cum inside me.”

“As you wish.” Colby replies with an evil smirk. He returns to fucking, slower this time. Long, deep strokes, clearly trying to build up his pleasure. He looks back over to me and I see his eyes drift down my body to my cock. My hand is now stroking it so fast it’s become a blur. He bites his lips and his eyes return to mine. I can tell by his face he’s about to cum, his thrust become quickened, more frantic, until we finally both cum, together. I shoot 8 ropes of thick white cum against my sons door, using all of my will power not to cry out in ecstasy. Colby shoves his body against my son’s firm ass, shuttering as he unloads what I can only imagine is a big load. He stands, not moving as he tries to regain composure. After about a minute he pulls out and looks down at my sons ass.

“God, your ass looks so hot with my cum dripping out of it.” he states to Harper.

“Yea, but it’s gonna make a mess all over the sheets.” Harper replied more as an observation than a complaint.

“Well, I know how to fix that.” With that Colby drops to his knees and plants his face between Harper’s ass cheeks.

“OH FUCKING DAMN COLBY!” my son shouts, as he instinctively wraps his thighs around Colby’s head, pulling him into his ass even more.

I stand there watching as this beautiful man eats his own seed out of my son’s well fucked ass. I feel blood start returning to my dick. I haven’t been able to recover this quick since I was their age. After about a minute, Colby pulls up and starts crawling up the bed to my son, leaning over his body. Harper opens his mouth as Colby starts to pour his cum into his lover’s mouth. Once Harper has all the cum the two kiss, passing it back and forth between each other until it’s gone.

“God, you are an incredible fuck babe.” Colby says.

“Thanks you’re not to bad yourself. Now come on let’s get some sleep. I’m gonna need to be plenty rested if I’m gonna be able to give my dad a believable explanation for all this noise we made when he askes tomorrow.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it too much, something tells me it’s not gonna come up.” With that Colby gave me a wink and pulled my sons body into his, and closed his eyes.

Knowing the peep show is now over, I tip toed quietly back to my own bedroom, closing my door and laying down. I know sleep will not being coming easy. I stared up at the ceiling for what seems like hours, replaying the events that I just watched unfold, my dick still rock hard, pointing up at my belly button. I consider masturbating again, but I’m not sure if my aging body can handle another orgasm so soon after the unearthly magnitude of my previous one.

However my thoughts are soon interrupted by the sound of my door being opened and closed. I tilted my head to see Colby standing, still naked and hard with the same evil grin he gave Harper.

“You watched your son get fucked, now it’s your turn Mr. Chase.”


My thoughts are soon interrupted by the sound of my door being opened and closed. I tilted my head to see Colby standing, still naked and hard with the same evil grin he gave Harper.

“You watched your son get fucked, now it’s your turn Mr. Chase.”

I just stare at him blankly, lost in the veins in his gorgeous cock. Is he real, does he really want pathetic old me or have I dozed of without realizing it?

“Are you gonna just lay there staring at it or are you gonna come suck it?” He asked matter-of-factually.

My mouth had gone dry, but I managed to mutter, “I can’t. Harper might hear.”

“After that fucking I just gave your boy’s hot ass, he could sleep through the apocalypse, now get you ass over here and worship my cock like I know you want to.”

I wasn’t going to try and fight him on it any more. I wanted him badly and he knew it, my prick showed in. I turned and stood out of my bed and headed over to him, my hardness bouncing up and down with each step until I found myself in front of his masculine body. I never broke eye contact as I lowered myself to my knees and took his dick in my hands. It was still a little sticky form his earlier activities. I could also feel it’s heat and the throbbing of it in the palm of my hand.

I saw a drip of precum oozing from his piss slit and I instinctively licked it up, causing him to shudder. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes and all I could see was lust. He wanted me and badly as I wanted him and I’ll be damned if I don’t bring him all the pleasure he deserves. With that thought, I stop my mind’s wondering and got to the task at hand. I retract his foreskin and swirl my tongue around his helmet shaped head. He likes this. I place one hand onto each of his firm ass cheeks and pull his cock into my mouth. He likes this even more. He has his head thrown back as he runs his fingers through my hair and slowly thrussts his huge manhood into my hungry mouth.

“Oh fuck Mr. Chase. You suck my cock so good. Are you liking the taste? Cleaning your son’s ass off of me. Yea, fuck yes, clean that fucking big cock.”

I hate to admit it, but his dirty talk was turning me on even more. The fact that I was sucking the thing that was recently in my son’s ass was hot, and I wanted more.

“Oh god yes, just like that, suck my balls Mr. Chase, yea, just like that. You are a natural born cocksucker just like Harper. From the moment I saw his lips and his ass, I knew I wanted to own them both, shoot my cum, breed him, mark him as mine, just like I’m going to do to you. Do you want me to shoot my seed into that hot hairy ass of yours Mr. Chase?”

I couldn’t respond with my mouth stuffed full of him, but I moaned a yes and he seemed to understand.

“Do you wanna hear about the first time I owned your son?”

I nodded again.

“The first day of practice, we both had to stay late and it was just us in the locker room. We were showering, and he dropped the soap, accidentally he claims, but I think he was offering himself up for me to take. Anyways I knew I needed his ass. I didn’t hesitate. I bent down and stuck my tongue into that tight, smooth hole of his. He didn’t fight, he didn’t argue, he just stayed bent over moaning while I shoved my tongue into his hole getting him ready for my monster. We sat their in the steam of the shower, me tongue fucking his ass, his moaning loudly, I knew he was a virgin, the way he was reacting to my mouth was like he had just discovered heaven, but he hadn’t seen anything yet. His body was trembling his stick was throbbing until he just started to spew out hot streams of cum onto the shower floor. He’s orgasm was so strong I had to stand up and wrap my arms around him to keep him steady, but that got my dick rubbing against his tight hole and… oh fuck just like that Mr. Chase, god you’re almost better than Harper, keep that up and you’re gonna get my cum.”

I took him out of my mouth, with my own hand furiously stroking my cock, “what happened next?”

“You wanna here about how I popped your son’s cherry, you dirty old man?” I just nodded at him, and took him back into my mouth, “well I think you’ve more than earned it, so here you go: I couldn’t wait any longer, and I wasn’t gonna wait for him to adjust, I shoved my whole, thick nine inches into that tight little man-cunt of his. He screamed, partly in pain, mostly in Ecstasy. I pinned him against the shower room wall and just hammered in and out of him. Sawing my meat in out out of his hole, kissing on his back and neck, leaving marks, making sure all of him belonged to me. I fucked him with everything I had, making sure I- oh fuck, I’m getting close, keep going just like that-I, uh, I ruined his hole for all other men, it’s mine now. His hole was so tight, and it was squeezing me every time I hit his prostate, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I let out a roar that could have been heard by anyone in a 5 mile radius. and dumped my cum in him. I pulled him back to me for a wet and sloppy kiss, told him he was mine now, and all he said was okay. We’ve been fucking like you watched tonight for months now, and I just never get tired of him. Oh fuck Mr. Chase, I’m going to blow in your mouth, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck yessssss!”

Much like in the story he was telling he let out a roar that anyone in the world with ears could have heard. He tasted a little bitter, but good. I wanted more, lots more. I hoped this wasn’t the only time I’d get to share with him.

As his spewing stopped and he slowly began to return back down to earth, he looked down and noticed my still raging cock.

“You haven’t cum yet,” he questioned, “well we can’t have that, get up on the bed.”

I did what I was told and sat myself onto my bed as he knelt before me and took my dick in his mouth. Holy shit, it was incredible. If there was Olympic dick sucking they’d need to create something higher than first place, because he’s skills are worth far more than gold. His warm, soft tongue, was sliding all around my cock like silk. He was bobbing up and down, his hands clawing at my back. He looked up at me with those crystal blue eyes of his and that did it. I shot all the cum left in my body into his mouth, and he swallowed it all, never losing a drop. God, he was amazing.

After the orgasm subsided and the cum was swallowed, he stood up and gave me a kiss, it wasn’t nearly as passionate as the one he’d shared with my son not to long before, but it set my heart fluttering around in my chest.

He pulled away and said, “thanks man, that was incredible,” and began heading to the door.

“Wait!” I nearly shouted. he stopped and turned and looked back at me. I gulp and continued, “I thought you were going to make me yours, I thought you were gonna fuck me.”

His now signature evil grin returned, “Don’t worry Mr. Chase, there’s always tomorrow, now get some sleep, you’re going to need your rest.” With that he turned and exited, making sure to leave my door open so I could watch his sculpted ass as he walked down the hall and rejoined my son in bed.

What the fuck did I just do, I thought to myself, and what the fuck is he gonna do to me tomorrow. Any guilt I might have felt for blowing my son’s lover was overridden by my desire for Colby. I laid back down, covered myself up and drifted to sleep with eager hope of what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. Michael Eaton says:

    I want more of this story. I want the so. To catch his dad having sex with his boyfriend only to like and watch like his dad did. I want more of this story.

    • Brad says:

      I agree. I need more. The next chapter has to have the son next to his dad. Kissing each other as their lover pounds both their asses

  2. Straycat says:

    One of the hottest stories on here!! I really don’t understand all the stories here with condom use. This is fantasy land!

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