I Found My Daddy In The Bathroom

He was swallowing random loads and taking cock up his butt in hopes of finding a good daddy. He had serviced several men but was still alone.


The sole of Will’s gleaming patent dress shoes crunched on some discarded condom wrappers in the parking lot. The elegantly dressed young pre-law student checked the message he got from that daddy last night. This had to be it, right? The best and oldest cruising stop in the area? A run-down truck stop with a busted sign, dingy yellow lights, with one or two rough-looking blue collar guys lingering out front, staring at him in his immaculate three-piece suit.

It was just the sort of place he was looking for.

At just 20, Will was already an accomplished cruiser. Since his 18th birthday, he’s spent two years indulging a love of burly older men that he’d had for as long as he could remember. Timid at first, Will’s confidence had steadily grown with each encounter with a man until he felt mostly sure of himself and confident in how to please his of the moment partners.

At some point, Will had lost count of how many different men had blown their loads into his hungry mouth, or inside of his tight little boy ass. Will just knew that he couldn’t get enough, and he was still yet to find that perfect ‘daddy’. Maybe it was because his own father threatened to stop paying his tuition when he came out to him? “Just don’t act on it“, Will’s father had said. So Will did the reasonable thing and moved out of his parents’ house. But still, the whole lying bit—having to tell his father he was “studying with someone” whenever he was really going to a place like this—having to put on that brave face of the dutiful son—Will had just learned about all that Freudian nonsense in his psych elective, so each time he went out cruising he couldn’t help but wonder.

As Will strode past the two brutes, he pretended he didn’t notice them. What, he’d just gotten off work, hadn’t he? He dressed like this all the time. Blond, slim, smooth, well-groomed, a 5’9” pretty boy in a 3-piece suit, the satin lining of which gleamed in the dim light. A thick yellow tie puffed out in a double Windsor from the white cutaway collar of his shirt: a shirt with contrasting collar and French cuff, one of his first custom pieces when he began splurging with his father’s money to build his “fuckboy” wardrobe, back when he was still 18, still living with his parents. He pitched it to them as “building his professional wardrobe,” though they wondered why he indulged in so many expensive, dandyish details, such as the lapel flower he wore tonight, silky sheer hosiery, and black patent oxfords that caught the dingy yellow lights.

So besides daddies, Will’s secondary fetish was equally strong, but so far woefully unsatisfied. Will absolutely adored powerful men in suits and ties. That was his reason for getting on a pre-law track. An excuse to dress like the handsome guys he lusted for, their elegant suits a sign of power and control. This was one of the five suits his father had let him buy, and he’d gone cruising in every single one of them. Hell, even touching his tie made him hard. Ever since he started interning at a law firm, he’d been in a haze of lust for the older men in suits and ties—but he could only ever indulge it on his own, stroking his tie and his cock in the firm’s restroom. And sure, most of the daddies at these cruising joints complemented him on his style, but not one of them ever wore anything dressier than a pair of jeans.

Made him hornier, though, whenever he’d take a daddy’s load dressed to the nines like this. And by now he was used to it, sucking the cocks of older, blue collar guys in their work shirts and jeans. Sometimes he’d play the role of the executive who needed to be taken down a peg. The daddies seemed to like that scenario. And it was a role that allowed Will to feel confident, the armour of the suit. He expected that same fantasy to play out tonight, if he played his cards right.

The interior of the truck stop was just as sticky and humid as outside. The A/C must have broken in this place long ago. Half the lights were out. Walls covered in graffiti, spray-painted cocks, anonymous phone numbers, stains everywhere. There were crushed beer cans and condom wrappers, even in the old, disused dining area. Will put on a strong face and bee lined it for the bathroom. He’d been to this kind of joint before, so he knew where to go.

Rounding a corner, Will spotted the toilet signs and pushed the door open tentatively. As if to announce the presence of a newcomer, the door made a long and loud squeak. Those yellow lights made the whole bathroom seem even dirtier. One long fluorescent light hung over the urinals and another flickered over the long row of stalls. Weeds grew out of the drain grates on the floor. From the door, Will couldn’t see if anyone else was in here because a wall blocked his vision of the interior of the room and all the stalls had their doors closed.

Straightening his suit and adjusting his prissy yellow tie, Will summoned his courage and walked into the room and around the wall.

As his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, Will realised he wasn’t alone at all. Standing with his back to him at one of the urinals was a large man in dark clothing. Something imposing, almost velvety, with angular shoulders that fit the man’s broad frame like a glove.

Fuck. That’s not for real, is it? Will could feel his cock twitching already. As Will’s eyes focused, he realised that just like him, the man was wearing a suit!

Cautiously—heart pounding in his ears—Will approached and took a place at the urinal two down from the big suited man. The clicking of his patent leather shoes on the dirty tiles alerted the man to Will’s approach and Will shyly but curiously made eye contact with him.

Will almost gasped aloud when he saw the man up close. He had to have been 6’3 with a large beer gut, slick silver hair and a matching beard. His face was devilishly handsome and his thick and heavy set body was exactly the type that made Will such a submissive little slut.

But what had truly shocked Will was the man’s attire. Sporting a dark charcoal double breasted suit, blue dress shirt with contrasting white collar and a luxurious satin red tie that was tied expertly, Will was quite sure he’d never such a powerful looking daddy in all his life.

“Well, well, well… what do we have here? What’s a dandy little boy like you doing in a place like this?” Said the man suddenly. He smiled at Will with a sinister glint in his eye.

“I ah – I just finished work” Will blurted out lamely. Will was completely forgetting his executive fuckboy act. This was something new, and Will had no script for this. Will looked down and realised the man was rubbing an obvious bulge in his suit pants. Will also note that he was wearing patent leather Oxfords, just like he was. He could almost see his reflection in the immaculate shine.

The big man smirked. “And you just needed to come to the bathroom, out here in the middle of nowhere?”

“Well actually… I ah – I was hoping to meet someone.”

“Is that so, boy?” The man said, now aggressively and suggestively rubbing his groin.

“Y- Yes sir.” Will stammered.

“I’m glad to see you know how to refer to an older man, boy. I wonder if you know how to take care of a daddy too? Would you like to show me what you can do, boy?”

Will’s hands shot to his crotch and he rubbed his now rock hard cock. Hormones were taking over, animal lust starting to feed him his lines. But his voice was trembling—all his usual cockiness gone. “Yes please sir!”

The man smiled and slowly unzipped his pants. A moment later he fished out a rock hard cock—thick, fat, swollen with lust, heavy and animalistic under his civilized attire—and shook it seductively. “You want this big old-man cock? You want to be daddy’s new boy?”

Looking down at this stranger’s huge and hard cock, glistening with pre cum, Will felt a hunger like he’d never known before. This was on another level to the lust he’d felt with other men, this was all-consuming. This was the scenario he’d fantasised about for as long as he could remember. A daddy and a boy, in immaculate suit and tie, in a sleazy bathroom, it was happening.

“Yes please, daddy!” Will said, hurriedly dropping to his knees, not caring a whit about the filthy bathroom floor, ready to worship the cock before him.

It was pure ecstasy the moment Will’s lips touched that throbbing cock, the moment that bead of precum slipped onto his tongue. Hell, he had to drop his jaw further open than ever before to accommodate this kind of girth. But Will breathed deeply through his nose, keeping calm and doing what he’d been working on ever since he started this whole cruising gig, gliding back and forth, lubricating along the way, nice and slow.

“Mmm,” said the suited daddy. “That feels good, boy.”

Cufflinks glittering in the flickering light, the daddy rested his massive, hairy paws on Will’s shoulders, steadying him. “I see you’ve done this before.”

“Mmm hm,” Will grunted in agreement, still sucking.

“You must be an expert at pleasuring horny older daddies, then?”

“Mmm hmmmm.” Gathering the velvety wool of the older man’s suit trousers in his hands, Will gripped the back of the big man’s thighs, his lips gliding back and forth all the while.

“You like pleasuring horny old men, boy?”

Will nodded, whimpering as he glanced up and admired the full silver beard of this handsome, handsome man, his massive sevenfold tie puffing out of those beautifully draped peak lapels.

“And you’re thirsty for their seed in your pretty-boy lips?”

Will gave another muffled squeal of assent. The way the double-breasted suit hugged the man’s solid gut. Those furry knuckles, with a bracelet on one thick, hairy wrist, and a hefty watch glittering on the other, clinking against his cufflinks.

“Have you ever taken it from a big exec like me, dandy boy?”

Reaching just the tip of the man’s cock, Will shook his head, but then parted his lips and slid back down the throbbing shaft again, his nose filling with the aroma of fine wool and the alluring scent of the man’s bush. Will continued to gaze up at this latest conquest. The puff of the daddy’s pocket silk began to nod as the man’s whole massive frame swayed back and forth. In the sticky, foul-smelling air, Will could feel his pits starting to break a sweat.

Purring, reaching both of his massive hands around the back of Will’s head, the big man guided Will up and down his shaft, grunting with pleasure.

“You like that cock, dandy boy? You ever suck cock in a place like this, dressed to the nines like this? Little prissy dandy boy like you must be just aching for this cock. You need a big old man to fill you right up, don’t you? Thirsty for an older man’s seed, right little dandy fuckboy? You’re just a slut for big horny old brutes like me, right boy?”

Will whimpered and squealed happily in agreement to each of these questions, sucking and slurping, his hands massaging the older man’s thighs, then working their way up to his seat. Will loved the way this man’s suit felt—fuck, he’d never gotten a chance to feel another guy’s thick body under a suit like this—he’d always been the suited dandy boy pleasuring the older blue collar daddy. But this—this was another level of pleasure altogether, and Will wanted to savour every last detail of it.

“Fuck, boy.” Pushing Will away from his cock—at full mast now, inches from Will’s nose—the older man carefully gathered Will’s tie knot, urging Will back up to his feet. “That fucking prissy little suit of yours is just a mating call for horny old pervs like me.”

Wiping a bit of drool—or precum-from his lips with his French cuff, Will smiled. “Thank you, sir. I’ve been practicing for months.”

“Well, I think you just passed the first stage of our dirty little interview, haven’t you?” The older man laid a surprisingly tender kiss on Will’s neck, just above his crisp, snug collar.

Will’s lips parted as he gave an almost inaudible moan of pleasure. Just the sensation of it—the older man’s whiskers tickling just below his ear—Will inhaled the older man’s smell, too, the smell of his fine suit, but with his own smell underneath, just a spritz of cologne masking the undercurrent of sweat and animal lust. Will’s lips parted again, and he returned the favour, nuzzling the older man’s beard.

“Mmm, yeah. You like that, dandy boy?”

“Yes sir,” Will gasped into the man’s ear. Sure, he’d felt the burly arms of older daddies around his slim waist, but never like this before. And it was more than just the knowledge that this man’s thick, powerful arms were clad under all those layers of tailored wool and luxurious cotton. There was something more, something raunchy and horny about this old brute, but there seemed to be something else, as well. Something—warm, tender—Will couldn’t quite place his finger on it.

Between kisses, the suited daddy whispered into Will’s ear. “You want me to take you into one of these stalls, boy?”

Will could feel himself melting with lust, just knowing that the man uttering these filthy things was dressed so beautifully. “Oh god, yes sir!”

“You want it nice and gentle, dandy boy? Or are you looking for something rougher?”

“Oh god, sir. I can’t decide. I want—both—”

“Mmmm.” The older man’s purr in Will’s ear made him dizzy with lust. “Good answer, boy.”

“Oh, sir,” moaned Will as he squeezed the big man’s shoulders, feeling all that brutish beef underneath that perfect double-breasted suit. “Please. Please give me both.”

The man took Will by the hand and pulled him backwards towards the dirty looking toilet stalls. “In here boy, it’s time I see what else you can do… and we don’t need anyone interrupting just yet.”

Will followed obediently, trotting behind his new owner – and that’s how he felt, like this man well and truly owned him—like a well-trained dog. They entered the roomy bathroom stall and the man reached behind Will and closed and bolted the door. Wasting no time, the big, suited silver daddy grabbed Will by the waist pulled the younger man into his much larger body.

Will trembled with excited energy. This was beginning to turn into the stuff of his ultimate fantasies. “Oh sir, I want you!”

“Good boy, you want Daddy’s cock again don’t you? You want to worship this big old man dick?”

“Yes daddy, please I’ll do anything!” Will begged, his hands pawing at the man’s huge and rigid cock.

“You want to belong to daddy? To be my regular, on-call fuck toy?”

“Yes daddy, I do!” Will’s knees felt like they were melting. “I belong to you!”

“You want to come to my office after hours and suck daddy’s cock under his desk while daddy works?”

“Oh yes, daddy!”

The man’s hands dropped to Will’s much smaller suited ass and he cupped the boy aggressively.

“You want daddy to fuck you? To put my big cock in this tight little boy asshole?”

“Daddy, I’d do anything!” Will begged getting more and more desperate.

Still the big man went on. “You want daddy to breed you, boy? To dump my cum whenever I want in that tight little ass hole? Is that what you want?”

Wild with lust, frenzied at the man’s words, Will was kissed the older man’s tie all up and down its length, leaving wet marks where his lips had been. “Sir, tell me what to do to make this real?” Gasping, overwhelmed with lust, Will added in a whisper, “I want to be yours.”

The man’s mouth was at Will’s ear now, biting the lobe lightly as he pulled the boy even closer. Whispering, he said “I’m not joking, boy. I’ve been looking for a long time for a little slut like you. I don’t want this to be the only time between us. I want to see you again. Understand?”

Will moaned. He loved being spoken to like this. “Yes, sir!”

“And if you’re a good boy, I’ll occasionally reward you.”

“Sir, my reward will be your cock and cum, I don’t need money.”

“I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about trips to my tailor, or sharing you with other suit daddies. I know what a slutty little boy like you wants.”

“Yes sir, yes please, I’m ready! I want this!”

Will knew he was potentially getting himself into something deep and dangerous here. But why didn’t he care? Why was he feeling such an intense connection to this man whose name he didn’t even know? He knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and he had to take it.

Will was dripping sweat now. The combination of his animal lust, the man’s body heat and the humidity in this filthy little bathroom was causing both men to get wet and slippery but neither seemed to care.

Taking the initiative, and to demonstrate his submission to his new owner, Will spun around in his daddy’s embrace and quickly pulled his suit pants to his ankles, exposing his hairless and perfectly smooth bubble butt.

Arching his back slightly, Will felt the big and angry cock of his lover slide against his ass crack. Trembling with lust, Will whispered “Take me daddy, make me yours.”

The man spat on his hand and rubbed his cock with it until it was slick and wet. Bracing himself for what was to come, Will placed both hands against the wall and looked forward. He was suddenly shocked to see that he could see right into the next stall over through a giant and unsubtle glory hole. This really was a sleazy cruising spot!

“Oh, what have we here?” The suit daddy smirked down at the hole as he noticed it too.

On cue, a throbbing cock, fully erect, slide through the hole and bounced eagerly a few inches in front of Will’s face. “I think someone else wants to feel you pleasuring them, boy.”

Will licked his lips. “Should I, sir?”

“Fuck yeah, boy. I want to see you suck him off. Practice for daddy’s friends.”

“Yes sir,” said Will, practically drooling. Will fell to his knees, and took the cock in his hands, stroking it tenderly. He closed his eyes and wrapped his lips around the stranger’s cock and he felt sweat seep out of his forehead, beads of it pouring down his neck and collar, dripping down his dress shirt. The silken lining of his suit jacket clung to his torso like a funky gym shirt, as Will let his lips glide up and down.

“Fuck yeah, boy. Suck that cock for your daddy.” The older man leaned against the filthy wall of the bathroom stall, spitting into his hairy paw again and stroking, letting precum ooze between his fingers, and it combined with sweat to drip down his French cuffs and gleaming chunky cufflinks.

As he sucked, Will’s own cock rubbed against his leg from inside the confines of his suit. It was bare and drooling, sheets of sweat soaked into his trousers, dampening his thighs, his French cuff shirt a wringing sweaty mess. The anonymous cock was pulsed in Will’s mouth. He could taste the salty precum on his tongue. This guy was getting close, thought Will.

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10 thoughts on “I Found My Daddy In The Bathroom

  1. Joey Boy says:

    Super hot! One of my fantasies is to get spit roasted in glory hole booths- but a hot guy I’d just met a moment earlier fucking me while I sucked a glory hole cock would be fun, too!

  2. sissy-glenda Walker says:

    i used to go to the glory holes at my local Sears store restroom!!! i sucked over 100 cocks there over the years!!! Once though, i saw a guy with a gigantic cock push into my booth & i was so shocked at the size , my mouth just fell open….He tried to push it in, but it wouldn’t fit….i tried and at least sucked the head & licked it up and down, but He moved to the next booth!!! i whimpered with disappointment, wish i hadn’t been so shocked that i forgot to try as hard as i could….i never let that happen again!!! Loved the story hope more are coming!!!

  3. Scott says:

    Damn hot, and when the additional dick popped through the hole to suck while being reamed by daddy, it just elevated the heat!

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