Gay Christmas Love Story

A game of spin-the-bottle leads two straight men to French kiss. It awakens deep rooted feelings of gay passion and lust.


All I want for Christmas…

Justin rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands then stared up at the ceiling dappled with the filtered light from the streetlamp outside. The tune of “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” Playing through his head as he thought about exactly what it was he wanted for Christmas. And it had nothing to do with his front teeth.


Orin was Justin’s best friend in the entire world, and had been for years. They did everything together, were the best of friends, and were so different they were teased more often then he could count. Orin was tall, muscled, a football player. Justin was tiny all around, and spent most of his time tinkering with computers and electronics. Orin had short curly blond hair and bright green eyes that come with deeply Norse heritage, while Justin had huge doe-like brown eyes and insanely long blue-black hair fit in nicely with his Native American heritage. Orin was straight, while Justin was gay.

So, in short, one was light and one was dark. One was physically oriented while the other was mentally oriented. They were so different, and yet when they got together all of that melted away and they just clicked, fit perfectly. They could talk for hours about nothing at all.

The friendship had begun as many of this nature do. High school Jock asks the brain to help him with his homework. In exchange Orin had taken Justin under his wing, befriended him in front of the whole school without any shame for the fact, and he’d protected him from bullies and the cruel behavior of the other children. In the worst years of Justin’s life, where he’d been tagged a fag, Orin had come into his world and destroyed his demons, kept him safe, and befriended him despite the differences.

And since then, they’d been fast friends. Orin had never cared that Justin was gay, or that he was a geek who spent most of his time staring at computer screens. And Justin never cared that Orin needed his help to bring his C average grades up to a B plus, or that most of his other friends were little better then animals in mental capacity and brute strength. They clicked, and that was that.

Which is probably why Justin had been in love with his dearest friend for the past four years, and why right now he was staring up at his light-dappled ceiling humming the “all I want for Christmas” Song with Orin playing the part of ‘Christmas Present’ in his fantasies. This wasn’t the first time though, and it wouldn’t be the last time that he had this fantasy. He would give anything for Orin to give him just one chance, but how do you break to your best friend in the world that you’re in love with him?

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Justin groaned at the incessant sound of some one at his front door. He allowed it to continue for a moment and then finally he had to smile because the only one it could be was Orin. So, dragging himself from bed he made his way towards the door, peeked through the peep hole, then unlocked his door and got it open about half way before his friend pushed through into the room beyond.

“Get dressssed. We’re going out!” Orin said, his bright green eyes amused as he raked a look down Justin’s half dressed slightly mused form. “Christmas party, come on, come on!” he continued as he made his way down the hallway into Justin’s bedroom and began to rummage through his clothing while Justin stood by, trying not to grin.

“If you were going to invite me to a Christmas party, why in gods name didn’t you tell me so I could get ready?” Justin asked archly, taking the clothes Orin picked out for him and began to get dressed.

“Eh, I know you, if I had told you about this party you’d have preened for three hours in front of the mirror brushing all that damned hair and making sure you looked perfect. This way, I get you ready in a matter of minutes and we only end up fashionably late.” Orin grinned roguishly, giving his friend a wink as he walked behind him and snatched the wrist-thick braid, pulling the tie out and running his hands through it to help his friend along in the dressing process. “Now hurry up and run a brush through your hair, toss on some cologne, and we’re good ta go!” Orin said, face all bright and open with happiness.

Orin never quite realized that when he touched Justin’s hair he was taking liberties that were far more intimate then he intended. Of course, Justin never took it the wrong way, and he never said anything, but as Orin’s fingers ran through the soft strands of his hair it made his head prickle and tickle, and sent shivers down his spine. He loved having his hair played with, something his best friend was aware of which was why he always insisted on playing with it. It was Orin’s way of playing and teasing his friend, it was his way of saying, “See! I don’t care that you’re gay! I’m confident in my masculinity, there’s not a damned thing wrong with me touching your hair.” And of course, Justin thought those might have been his exact words in response to the single time Justin had ever said anything.

Buttoning up the fly on his blue jeans, Justin turned from his friend and walked towards his bathroom with Orin following like a lost puppy begging to be taken out for a walk. “For a straight guy, you can pick out clothes.” Justin said, staring at his reflection in the mirror as he brushed the silken curtain of hair to gleaming perfection. He had a pair of blue jeans on, cut low on his hips and clinging to his body like a second skin along with a soft button down shirt with long sleeves. It was an unassuming look that showed a bit of flesh around his narrow hips, flashed a bit of the v that disappeared into those pants. Really, he looked amazing, he had to admit.

“Eh, you’re so tiny, you have that slim chic thing going on for you. I don’t look good in that style, I look ridiculous. I’m so bulky compared to you.” Orin replied, giving a little shrug, “but you wear it well, and you do realize I don’t have to be gay to pick out clothes. Christ, you’re sense of style is horrendous. If it wasn’t for me you’d be wearing computer parts.”

Justin couldn’t help but laugh as he turned to go, finally finished getting ready. “Alright, let’s go my Fashion expert.” Justin said jokingly.

“There’ll be some men there tonight.” Orin said just as he got Justin to lock his door and head for the car. Justin’s feet skipped a step and for a moment Orin thought he’d stumble and fall, but he didn’t. “Come on, it’s not gonna kill you to go dating. Shit, it may not be kosher or whatever for me to be trying to set you up, but you’re my best friend, I just want you happy Justin.”

“Okay, look, I can date I’ve dated, I just don’t feel like it right now is all. It’s no big deal, I’m happy, I’m good, seriously.” Orin said, “I’m just begging you, please, please, please, don’t set me up with any particular guys tonight, don’t push me on anyone, please, Orin. I really won’t do well with that tonight okay?”

Slipping into his car, Orin waited until Justin had joined him before he gave him his best pout and sad eyes. “Fine, fine, I hear you.” He said, heaving a great long-suffering sigh as he turned the key in the ignition. “Fine, no honest, but if you get hit on don’t assume it was me setting you up. You look good tonight, you know you do, and you know how some men drool over your hair. So don’t go blaming me if some guy wont take no for an answer.” Justin glanced at his friend, there was some tone in his voice when he said those things, and he couldn’t figure out what it is.

“Okay, Okay.” He said, smiling at Orin and shaking his head at his friend. He really did have good intentions; he just was oblivious to how Justin felt for him. He was in love with his best friend, you can’t just go on dating others when your heart is completely occupied, it just wouldn’t be right nor fair to the men he was with. So he had decided to take a break from dating and get his feelings under control. It wasn’t working.

When they got to the party, Justin realized it was one of Orin’s other friends meat market type of shindigs. It wasn’t the kind of thing that he generally found enjoyable, but being in Orin’s presence was always an exceptional feeling. So, Justin just stayed silent most of the evening, gently and very shyly declined invitations and phone numbers, and he watched his best friend move throughout the crowed as if he knew each and every person present, even though Justin knew for a fact he didn’t. It always amazed him that no matter that it took him a bit more effort to keep his grades up, it took him no effort what so ever to know people. And of course as in most things, the exact opposite was true for Justin.

“Justin!” Orin’s voiced caught Justin’s attention and he turned to see him pushing through a couple of people to head towards him and the guy who was trying very hard to tuck his number into Justin’s shirt pocket despite constant denials.

“Yea, here!” Justin called out, trying to keep the relief out of his voice. Orin would save him from this one, he always did.

“Come on to the living room, we’re gathering everyone together to play Spin The Bottle.” A grin split Orin’s face just as Justin felt his stomach flip flop. That was never a game he liked to play, and it was a game he was often dragged into by his dear beloved Orin. Damn his lack of will power! Bah!

“Ooh, I hate that game.”

“Bah, you love it and you know it!” Orin replied.

“No, that’d be you who loves it. I dislike it, remember?” Justin couldn’t help but laugh at the comical thoughtful expression on Orin’s face.

“Eh, okay, maybe you’re right. But you still have to play, come on.”

With a sigh, Justin excused himself as politely as he could from the very aggravated man who’d been doing his very best to stake claim to him, and followed after Orin into the living room.

The game was already in session with numerous men and women seated in a big circle about a young couple embraced in a passionate heated kiss. Orin drew him into one part of the circle, getting the people to part so they could sit down and wait for the next round. It went on like this, the bottle would spin, Justin would pray that some pretty girl wouldn’t pick him, and he’d sigh with relief when each spin seemed to miss him.

It was when the bottle landed on Orin and a chorus of cat calls and laughs came up that Justin realized this was even worse then if he’d been picked. Orin getting picked meant he had to watch Orin get into a heated kiss with a pretty young girl with short curly blond hair that was far too scantily clad for Justin’s taste.

The kiss seemed to go on forever, and Justin’s stomach flopped when Orin’s hands slid down along the girls back to draw her in more tightly as those present began to ooo and aaah over the kiss, make cat calls, hoot and laugh. When it finally ended, Justin brought his knees to his chest and tried not to look grumpy, but he was having a difficult time of it and Orin noticed, giving him an odd look and arching his eyebrow in silent question before he gave the girl a pat on her rump and sent her back to take his seat next to Justin so that Orin could take his turn spinning the bottle.

That was when Justin realized he’d have to watch yet another kiss between his Orin and some as yet unnamed female for a second time in a row, and he heaved a great helpless sigh, wondering if he could get away from the game by pretending he had to go to the bathroom or some such. Unfortunately, he sat thinking about the best method of escape for to long, and just when he’d made up his mind to get up and leave Orin had leaned down with the bottle in hand, and sent it spinning with playful grin around the room as it spun and spun and spun.

Justin watched in horror when the bottle began to slow. Everyone in the room grew hushed, quiet, and even Orin appeared afraid to breathe as he watched the bottle finally stop and settle – pointing directly at Justin. You know how sometimes when you play spin the bottle, the bottle sort of sits right between two people? Well, this wasn’t the case here. The bottle was pointing directly at Justin, no one else was in the way, and Justin just stared down at it in shock, his mouth gone dry.

Slowly, he looked up from the bottle to see Orin staring at him, that little amused smile touching his lips. The room was still silent, everyone knew that Justin was gay, that Justin and Orin were best friends, and not a few of them wondered if they actually had something going on between them. But Orin’s flamboyantly straight life style generally set the record straight.

“Hey, Orin, you don’t have to kiss me, spin for a girl, man.” Justin said, trying to laugh it off and pretend that it hadn’t hit him. The tune to that blasted song began to spin around in his head, and he gave a little self depreciating grin and a shrug.

All I want for Christmas is … Orin in my bed, Orin in my bed, Orin in my bed.

“Kiss him!” some one called out, “You can’t dick out cause it’s a man, this is the game!”

“Yea! Kiss him!” “Don’t be a dick, kiss him!” “You spun the bottle, kiss him!”

A chorus rose up, everyone yelling out that he should get his kiss because the bottle landed on him. Maybe something had shown on Justin’s face, some disappointment, some want or desire, maybe that’s why people started calling out for Justin to get his kiss, who knows. Orin just stood in the center of the circle, laughing as if none of this bothered him, as if the idea of kissing Justin wasn’t a big deal, it was just a game, right?

He spread his arms and grinned at Justin, “The people have spoken!” He called out, his voice bellowing like he was some speaker from ancient Rome and the circle of people were his Coliseum. “Get your ass up here and get your kiss.” Orin teased wiggling his eyebrows lasciviously and everyone laughed. Orin always had a knack for making anything a show, making everyone feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

“Oh come on guys, he’s not gay! He doesn’t wanna kiss lil’ old me!” Justin tried to joke, his stomach tense as a knot, and yet at the same time it was flip flopping all over the place so badly he thought he might be sick.

Everyone shouted their denials, and finally a few people forced him up to his feet and began to shove him playfully into the center of the room. “They wanna see their kiss, Just! Let’s give em a real show.” Orin said playfully, then his voice rose higher, “I better hear cheering people, my masculinity is on the line here!” And everyone began to laugh and cheer.

“Fine, fine!” Justin said, trying to sound grumpy, playful, teasing, gods anything but nervous. He didn’t want to sound as nervous as he felt. His palms were sweating, his heart was hammering, his eyes were going blurry, butterflies took flight within his whole body not just his stomach, causing his knees to be weak and his arms to feel limp. He was so nervous he thought for certain he’d fall over any moment. But he didn’t. “Get it over with so you can get on with being the manly man we all know you are.” Justin teased, hoping his voice didn’t sound as shaky as it sounded to him.

Orin put his arms around Justin, drawing him in close, then moved his hands through all that beautiful thick dark hair. His fingers curled in that hair at the base of Justin’s skull, and Orin felt him shiver as he pulled Justin flush against his body. That thing about having his hair touched must be really true. Orin thought to himself, sliding his fingers through the strands, then back up to grip and tug him in for the kiss lightly, and when he did, he felt that shiver course through Justin’s tiny body again.

“Quit stalling! Kiss him already!” Someone called out, and Orin realized he had been so busy teasing his friend he had forgotten that there was an audience. A chorus of “Yea” came up, and he grinned up at them.

“I’m getting to it, I’m getting to it!” He said, sounding mock-defensive, and everyone laughed again.

The laughter completely dissipated when he used his grip on Justin’s hair to tilt his head back so he could slant his mouth over Justin’s in what was immediately a full fledged kiss. There was no soft lead up, there was no brushing of his mouth over Justin’s, there was just intensity from the very beginning. Orin realized with surprise that Justin’s mouth was soft, his lips tasted good, like something he must have been drinking or eating. He realized that he wasn’t repulsed by the sensation of kissing his best friend, in fact it felt really good.

A soft whimper escaped Justin’s mouth, a sound only loud enough for Orin to have heard, as he finally got over his shock and began to return the kiss. His hands slid along Orin’s shoulders and curled at the back of his neck as he was devoured. The firm strokes of Orin’s tongue drove Justin to absolute distraction, he felt like he was being plundered. Orin licked and tasted every last inch of his mouth, and when Justin thought it simply couldn’t get any better, Orin actually changed his tactic completely and went from deep and almost rough to insanely tender and began to suck on Justin’s tongue before finally ending the kiss and drawing back to look into his face.

There was a moment of silence while everyone digested what had happened, the intensity of the kiss definitely hadn’t been what the audience had been expecting any more then it had been what Justin was expecting, and when cheers and cat calls rose, Justin jerked and looked around, having forgotten the audience all together. Orin let a lazy grin creep across his lips, his beautiful green eyes sparkling with mischief and amusement while Justin’s cheeks colored and heat suffused his entire body. He was hard and hot all over, his length pressed tight to the confining material of his jeans in a rather obvious manner and when he glanced down he realized Orin had not been affected in quite the same way he had been.

“Gee, Justin,” Orin nearly purred, “You seem to have liked that kiss.” His gaze dipped downward, and then skittered back up to meet his best friends gaze fully. “You are a good kisser, I have to admit. Did you all like the show?!” He turned away from Justin then and everyone called out that they loved the show. A few of the girls called out that they would give anything to join the two of them even and Orin laughed, finding it all quite fun and amusing.

Justin only heard this in passing, however, because the moment Orin had made a comment about his state of arousal, then turned his back, he had fled as fast as he could. Humiliation burned through his blood, searing the inside of his body, and to make matters worse despite that humiliation his cock refused to behave and go back to its normally un-aroused size! A few people clapped him on the back as he left, as if no one saw the pain and shame written all over his face, and he was glad for it because he didn’t want to answer any question. He couldn’t answer any questions. He just wanted to leave, to get out, to go home and hide under his bed and pretend the entire experience hadn’t happened.

All I want for Christmas… The blasted song spun through his head and he felt like scratching his eyes out in a vain attempt to make it stop. He got through the front door and the cold hit him like a wall. It stung his eyes, and he realized he was dangerously close to tears. The cold burned in his lungs with each breath he took, and it helped to calm him some, it brought him back to reality. He walked to the sidewalk a little away from the house and he let his head fall back and his eyes close as he drew in great lungfulls of that burning cold, clinging to that bit of pain as his anchor back to himself.

Moments passed, and he managed not to cry, he managed to stuff most of his feelings back where the belonged, hidden within him, but he was still so raw. Which is why, when Orin came out, he wasn’t prepared to handle it.

“Justin? Why’d you run out like that?” Orin came up, his cheeks pink and rosy on his pale complexion in response to the biting chill. “Everyone loved that! I think kissing you is gonna get me a date every day for the next two weeks! Did you know girls liked that kinda thing so much?” He babbled, all excited, completely oblivious to the silence coming from Justin or the expression on his face. “And damn man, you can kiss! I never thought men could kiss like that, but then again I guess I thought I was a good kisser, so why not you, you know? Even so, I have to say I was really… Just? What’s wrong, man?” Orin finally paused, a confused expression lighting his handsome features.

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6 thoughts on “Gay Christmas Love Story

  1. Jeffrey James Lum says:

    This was a cute story and I enjoyed the supernatural ending… And, yes, I was crying too. Some stories are just that good. They can make you hard and cry at the same time… Hahaha

  2. Ken Foree says:

    Parts of the story were drug out too long, And it sure didn’t need the Autumn goddess twist. I enjoyed the humans making it happen, not some fairy causing it.

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