He Slammed 11 Inches Up My Ass

He Slammed 11 Inches Up My Ass

I was watching a hot, nasty porn tape, dick in hand, having a perfectly good solo time one Saturday night ... Read More
How to Suck Your Brother-In-Law's Cock

How to Suck Your Brother-In-Law’s Cock

I felt my eyes starting to droop as I laid on the couch watching a rerun of "The Golden Girls" ... Read More
Gay Cinderella

Gay Cinderella With A Twist

"Sin! Sinclair! Where the hell is that boy at?" The Master's younger son stood in the doorway with a scowl ... Read More
I Let Older Man Open My Ass

I Let Older Man Open My Ass

I was standing in the small room, in front of a curtained window. Paul's hot breath on the back of ... Read More
Cupid Strikes Two Straight Men Pt 2

Cupid Strikes Two Straight Men Pt 2

"Reese, I swear," pants Calvin, as he rolls off to lie beside his opponent. Reese, finding his advantage, pounces on ... Read More
Cupid Strikes 2 Straight Men Pt 1

Cupid Strikes 2 Straight Men Pt 1

Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fucking fuck. I'm a dead man. He's looking right at me. He knows what I've been ... Read More
My Uncle's Cock

My Uncle’s Cock

I'm a young guy who is in most aspects straight, but I do have a bi side. I like to ... Read More
Best Friends Give In To Urge 🔥

Best Friends Give In To Urge 🔥

Jason and Jacob were drunk. And high. They were drunk and high and plopped down in front of the TV ... Read More
New Assistant Sucks My Cock

New Assistant Sucks My Cock

My name is David Hawthorne, known in some circles as 'Spike' and I run a moderately successful brokerage business. I ... Read More
How He Made Me Top

How He Made Me Top

Growing up, I had a typical small-town life, playing with friends at the park or when the adults got together ... Read More
Gay Love In The Navy

Gay Love In The Navy

Setting note: I was in the US Navy before DADT was implemented. Samuel and I weren't paranoid, there was actual imprisonment ... Read More
First Time I Swallowed Cum

First Time I Swallowed Cum

In my younger, wilder days, I'd meet guys at the local ABS. Well, by "meet", I mean I blew them ... Read More
Suck My Cock or Go to Jail Pt 4

Suck My Cock or Go to Jail Pt 4

The next week was very busy for both Evan and Craig, and most nights they simply got into bed, exhausted ... Read More
How to Give A Happy Ending

How to Give A Happy Ending

This guide is intended to help you give your man, and I assure you, for as long as your hands ... Read More
Cock Sucking Therapy

Cock Sucking Therapy

I stared up at the blue sky and watched the white cumulus clouds slowly drift by. It was eerily silent ... Read More
Suck My Cock or Go to Jail Pt 3

Suck My Cock or Go to Jail Pt 3

It was the middle of the night. Craig woke up suddenly, scared and disoriented. He'd been having a terrible nightmare ... Read More
Suck My Cock or Go to Jail Pt 2

Suck My Cock or Go to Jail Pt 2

"Hey Evan." Evan Malone looked up from his table. Now that he'd moved to days, he was up at six ... Read More
Curious About My Bi-Side

Curious About My Bi-Side

I will start by saying I have been very curious about my bi-side for many years, It wasn't until recently ... Read More
Gay Love and Baseball

Gay Love and Baseball

It was a cold and stormy day in January when they met. Sean was standing behind his mother, watching her ... Read More
Suck My Cock or Go to Jail Pt 1

Suck My Cock or Go to Jail Pt 1

Evan Malone liked the midnight shift. 12 am to 8 am along a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway right at ... Read More
He Took Me Home From The Bar

He Took Me Home From The Bar

A recent high school graduate went on a field trip to Lake George, New York, celebrating his graduation in a ... Read More
I Wanted To Be Next

I Wanted To Be Next

Brandon had told me that if I wasn't going to move to a new, all-the-way level with him, he was ... Read More
Black Cock, White Bottom, All Weekend

Black Cock, White Bottom, All Weekend

It's been a few weeks now that Marlon has joined Amanda and I in the sack...and by joined I mean ... Read More
Straight Guy Tricked Into Giving Blow Job

Straight Guy Tricked Into Giving Blow Job

Everything started when I met this guy who went by the name of Special-S. We both posted on the same ... Read More
First Time With Coach

First Time With Coach

An 18 year old young man's first true love... * The only sound in the nearly deserted locker room came ... Read More
Virgin in Shemale Club

Virgin in Shemale Club

I have made a lot of mistakes while drunk in the past. I fucked what I thought was a hot ... Read More
My Friend's Dad Opens Me Up

My Friend’s Dad Opens Me Up

It was a long weekend. Fourth of July weekend. My parents had planned a private getaway seeing as their 20th ... Read More
Big Fat Cock In Seattle

Big Fat Cock In Seattle

You never know someone until you live with them... or in this case spend a few days in a hotel ... Read More
Sucking A Huge Cock

Sucking A Huge Cock

I just got my first "real" job out of college working for a company that manufactures small components for the ... Read More
Best Friend Popped My Man Cherry

Best Friend Popped My Man Cherry

How did a married straight man like me wind up bent over the bathroom countertop with my best friend grunting, ... Read More
feminine gay man

Blackmailed to Bend Over by Fairy

This faggot deserved all the public humiliation he endured at our hands. I mean the guy dressed constantly in pink, ... Read More
I Sucked My Son's Boyfriend

I Sucked My Son’s Boyfriend

No matter how many nights I do it, I've never gotten use to sleeping alone. Lonely nights feel even more ... Read More
Two Men Fall In Love

Two Men Fall In Love

All it takes is a nod from Connor and Travis's heart fucking skips four beats and then starts back on ... Read More
Sandwiched Between Man And Woman

Sandwiched Between Man And Woman

I rushed through the flap of the large tent with my two best friends in the world. We were happy ... Read More
gay black man and straight white man

Black Cock Turns Straight White Man Gay

I went through my mid-life crisis recently, but instead of buying a Porsche or a 800 inch flat screen TV ... Read More
how to top (7)

How to Top: A Comprehensive Guide to Gay Sex

The anus is a sensitive and delicate orifice. It’s made from soft delicate skin and a million nerve endings that ... Read More
Suck Gay Cock for Money

Sucking Cock For Cash (Part 7)

Sunday was, at last, a day off and, while I still had to make yet another trip to the laundrette, ... Read More
I Finally Sucked a Throbbing Dick

I Finally Sucked a Throbbing Dick

It was about to happen. My mind raced, my pulse quickened, and my hand trembled slightly as I reached to ... Read More
Birthday Blowjob From Friend's Dad

Birthday Blowjob From Friend’s Dad

Mercifully, the infamous song always sung to commemorate birthdays was as brief as possible, and I was grateful to Mr ... Read More
My First Daddy

My First Daddy

I had just gotten to my freshman year of college, and was only a few months over 18. I was ... Read More
He Took Pics of My Asshole

He Took Pics of My Asshole

When the store was busy, it was a madhouse, with impatient and/or ignorant customers and their ridiculous "the-customer-is-always-right" demands. When ... Read More
Gay Christian Boy Falls in Love

Christian Boys Fall In Love

To have an idyllic childhood in a small Texas town, all you have to is love God, love guns, and ... Read More
Semen Is Warm

Semen Is Warm

I was returning home from work and was expecting my wife might have something planned for my birthday. We had ... Read More
My Best Friend Let Me Suck His Cock (Gay Love)

My Best Friend Let Me Suck His Cock (Gay Love)

My mom walked me to my first day of kindergarten at Powell Gardens Elementary and introduced me to Mrs. Joyce, ... Read More
Ball Stretching

The Art of Ball Stretching

Most guys really love having their balls played with, whether it is licking, sucking, stroking, tying them up or yes, ... Read More
Wife Gets Alpha-Male for Husband

Wife Gets Alpha-Male for Husband

It was my 39th birthday and I was coming home from the office. I wasn't really looking forward to a ... Read More
The Gay Hookup

The Gay Hookup

It had been a while. Almost six years since I last had sex with a man. I still remember the ... Read More
What is Urethral Sounding

What is Urethral Sounding

I like to write edgy gay male stories, but I'd never even heard of the act of sounding before.  I ... Read More
Slim Twink Looking For Beautiful Cock To Suck

Slim Twink Looking For Beautiful Cock To Suck

For the last couple of months, Jaime hadn't been able to stop thinking about cock. And he couldn't help but ... Read More
My Friend's Dad Sucked My Cock

My Friend’s Dad Sucked My Cock

Braden was on his way over to his friend Nathan's house. He had pulled a muscle over the previous weekend ... Read More
gay man and bisexual man

1st Time Exploring My Bi Side With Two Men

The Wednesday evening winter rush-hour drive was smooth with the exception of my butterflies and nervous knots in my stomach ... Read More
gay pirate man (2)

Sucking the Pirate’s Cock Ch.04 (Gay Adventure)

Morning watch bells woke me from a dream of warm arms and icy commands. I groaned, stretching as best I ... Read More
Gay strong man with broad chest

Bull in the Shower Room

I swim at a pool near my home twice a week. I like the exercise, and I'm a decent swimmer ... Read More
gay man dick print

A Man’s Guide On How To Blow Men

I am a 33 year bisexual man. I have gotten many blowjobs from men and women alike and I have ... Read More
older gay man younger gay man story

Bear Chub Finds Love (Older-Younger)

Sunday morning, June 9, 1996...it was our first anniversary and just over a couple of weeks shy of my forty ... Read More
gay man in laundromat

I Saw His Panty Line (Gay Love)

With my new job I had to move away from all my family and friends, almost a thousand miles away ... Read More
gay man losing virginity

Will His Best Friend Take His Virginity 🔥

"Tonight is the night" I whispered solemnly. The words had been whispered before, the intention had been stained onto the ... Read More
how to make your cum taste sweet

How to Sweeten Up Your Cum

Eating certain foods will generally affect the taste of your cum, however, this effect will vary in flavor and intensity ... Read More
gay pirate man (2)

Sucking the Pirate’s Cock Ch.03 (Gay Adventure)

I rushed into the mess, knowing it would be empty but hoping Cookie would still be there. "No food until," ... Read More
Gay Bi - Curious Man

Bi-Curious Man Gets In Over His Head In Vegas

"I am going to fuck you until you've had enough, and then I'm going to keep on fucking you." That ... Read More
gay man with blue eyes

College Boy Gets Seduced By Best Friend

Keith sat at the scarred wooden table working on his term paper in the small house he now called home ... Read More
gay pirate man (2)

Sucking the Pirate’s Cock Ch.02 (Gay Adventure)

The sailor has made his interest clear, but what is behind the Captain's strange reluctance? Fate has brought these two ... Read More
gay man in sexy workout gear

Gay Hookup After Gym Workout

4 Days a week, every week, that's the schedule. I started with the usual warm up on that torture device ... Read More
Gay Anal Sex Positions (2)

How to Take Cock In Your Anus

I have blown over 100 guys, and taken as many as 50-60 dicks in my ass. I have lots of ... Read More
gay sex in car

Gay Sex Behind the Bookstore (Non-Consent)

You have to be careful how you answer some questions or at least make sure you understand what is being ... Read More
gay pirate man (2)

Sucking the Pirate’s Cock Ch.01 (Gay Adventure)

A sailor finds himself falling hard for the pirate captain that captures him. But he has a plan, and this ... Read More
Gay Men BDSM Love

“I Deserve Punishment, Sir.”

Anxiety boiled in my gut as I watched the headlights of his car flash by. He was going way too ... Read More
adult book store gay man

Getting Used In Adult Book Store

Until a few years ago, I'd never had a man to man encounter, but plenty of fantasies. I finally tried ... Read More
Suck Gay Cock for Money

Sucking Cock For Cash (Part 6)

I didn't move, I couldn't move, nor could I call out for help. My jaw ached from the gag, my ... Read More
mmm gay man on man


"Hey, you alright?" said a voice from behind me. I recognized it as belonging to Nic, the younger and more ... Read More
gay man sucking black cock

Sucking and Taking Black Dick

I am going to skip ahead during the same time frame that I stayed with Bob and share with you ... Read More
gay twink

1 Man and 7 Twinks

Harry was just about to close his restaurant for the night when a group of seven young guys came in ... Read More
Gay massage

My Little Penis Got Hard 🔥

When I was named employee of the month at the small company I work for, my manager awarded me with ... Read More
Gay man sex on beach

Gay Sex On The Beach Pt 2 (Non Con)

After the first part of my "initiation" into the beach club, I was exhausted. More than 20 guys had shoved ... Read More
Gay Sex On The Jogging Trail

Gay Sex On The Jogging Trail

"Open to me. Open to Daddy." And I spread my legs for him. Before that, he had pushed me back ... Read More
Gay Glory Hole

Teen At Glory Hole Gets Anal 🔥

I was sitting naked in a toilet cubicle, my clothes hanging on a peg and my dick hanging down, as ... Read More
What is Gay Love

I Know What Love Is: Part 3 (Gay Romance)

I kissed her forehead, "Your mom is brilliant, Melon. SpongeBob SquarePants was the perfect choice." Aiden laughed even harder at ... Read More
Gay man sex on beach

Gay Sex On The Beach Pt 1

My story is about a day several months ago that changed my life forever. I am a 40-year-old single man ... Read More
Husband Uses Wife To Bait Twink (Non-Consent)

Husband Uses Wife To Bait Twink (Non-Consent)

He was a big man, an animal. The sort of man who just takes what he wants. I didn't know ... Read More
Gay Masturbation Guide

A Man’s Guide On How To Jerk Off Other Men

Understanding the male penis will help you give great handjobs to your partner that will make him cum like a ... Read More
Suck Gay Cock for Money

Sucking Cock For Cash (Part 5)

It was noon on Saturday before I finally woke up and, when I went to the kitchen area of my ... Read More
What is Gay Love

I Know What Love Is: Part 2 (Gay Romance)

"Bloody hell!" "Yes, I agree." Seven out of nine Montgomerys were in my study. I was seated on my leather ... Read More
Gay Sex is Forbidden Fruit

Cock Feels Better When You’re Sneaking: Pt 2

Two weeks after Oliver declared his love for Adrian, Donna passed. It was peaceful and in the presence of Adrian ... Read More
Two Men in One Man

Two Cocks In One Man

It started out innocently enough. I met him at the gym. Very hot ripped body. I had just finished an ... Read More
Two Truckers Line Up a Male Slut

Two Truckers Line Up a Male Slut

I walked into the truck stop diner and was surprised to lay my eyes on an old truckin' buddy, Hank ... Read More
Gay Love He Loves Me for Me

He Loves Me For Me (Gay Love)🔥

Sitting at the bar at my favorite watering hole on a Friday night, I was nursing the last of my ... Read More
1st Gay Sex Should Be Special

1st Gay Sex Should Be Special

I had done the gay sauna bit and the male massage stuff, in fact I had been doing them for ... Read More
Suck Gay Cock for Money

Sucking Cock For Cash (Part 4)

Still reeling from Mr. Jarman's sudden brutality I staggered to the sofa, sat down and tried to get my breath ... Read More
How to Bottom Udatz

Too Big To Top, So I Bottomed🔥

This story has no connection to any real person so don't sue me. Now that I've said that, it's all ... Read More
Forced Gay Sex at Gym

Forced At The Gym

It was just after 2am when Steve pulled into the car park of the 24hr gym, the lights were still ... Read More
Gay Sex is Forbidden Fruit

Cock Feels Better When You’re Sneaking: Pt 1

"Oh fuck, fuck..." Oliver gasped as he felt fingers wrap around his cock, jerking him with sure strokes. "Adrian..." He ... Read More
What is Gay Love

I Know What Love Is: Part 1 (Gay Romance)

Ethan "Stop thinking about him." "Huh?" My agitated shift in the seat had guilt written all over it as I ... Read More
BBC Makes Me a Sissy - Part 1 🔥

BBC Makes Me a Sissy – Part 1 🔥

We removed this story because it was racially insensitive and apologize to anyone we have offended ... Read More
Gay Relationship Status (1)

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated (Gay Love)

I sighed as I saw the signs for Morrisville. My home town, the place I had struggled to escape over ... Read More
How a Gay Relationship Works

What Makes a Gay Relationship Work? (Gay Love)

Aaron, I guess this is weird I'm writing this in a letter. I just know if I tried to say ... Read More
College Boys 69 For 1st Time 🔥

College Boys 69 For 1st Time 🔥

In college I earned free room and board by working the front desk of my dorm. It was an easy ... Read More
Gay sex fighting and drama

Gay Sex in Dark Places: Part 2 (Gay Drama)

Fuck! Why the shit had I let him get away from me? Why hadn't I said the right things, the ... Read More
Suck Gay Cock for Money

Sucking Cock For Cash (Part 3)

The bed was so comfortable; like sleeping on a cloud. I rolled over, gradually waking up. There was a quick ... Read More
Gay sex fighting and drama

Gay Sex in Dark Places: Part 1 (Gay Drama)

WARNING: This story goes to dark places - assault, substance abuse, alcoholism, depression. Everyone who deserves to turns out okay ... Read More
Coming out after 50

My Late Start In Life As A Cocksucking Bottom

I started late in life on my journey to being a cocksucker, a year or so after my 50th birthday ... Read More
No Casual Gay Sex

I’m Not Into Casual Sex (Gay Love)

I hadn't brushed my teeth for four long days, a fact that I only know because it was the same ... Read More
gay man in shower

Lusting After Cocks In Gym Shower

The cold water against my body always felt so rejuvenating, but today it was especially so after a hectic day ... Read More
Black Man Stuffed His Cock In My Virgin Ass

Black Man Stuffed His Cock In My Virgin Ass

Henry 'Rocky' King lived two doors down from me. We had 'bumped' into one another at least three times a ... Read More
I need a daddy

Will You Be My Big Daddy?

WARNING: This is not a friendly story and involves non-consensual sex. Eric was a bit shy, always had been. It ... Read More
gay movie shoot

Straight Guy Shooting Gay Porn (Fun Story)

I turned the corner and saw the motel. There it was, as he'd said it would be, and my life ... Read More
My Step Brother Made Me Cum

My Step Brother Made Me Cum

"Honey, it's just for a little while until his bed arrives. Please, just do this for Mommy, okay? It won't ... Read More
Suck Gay Cock for Money

Sucking Cock For Cash (Part 2)

It was well gone noon when I finally woke after a fitful night's, or should that be morning's sleep. I ... Read More
Gay Submissive Rules

Submission 101

A few months ago a friend shared his Dom rules with me. I was inspired and set about writing my ... Read More
Gay Men on the Battlefield (1)

Gay Cock On The Battlefield 🔥

It wasn't the explosion that alarmed him. It was the silence. In the aftermath, as the dust--and metal, and body ... Read More
I want you inside me

I Want You Inside Me (Gay Love Story)

I stare at the water now. I take long, lonely walks that invariably lead to the rocky beach shore and ... Read More
Gay Men Form Family

5 Gay Men Living Together As a Family (True Story)

The following is based on an interview. It turned out too long for the magazine article but ended as a ... Read More
Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 2) (1)

Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 6)

Brian goes to meet the mysterious stranger, who is a Minister in a very unorthodox church. Brian's job interview is ... Read More
Sucking Cock for Job

Suck It Good and Your Hired

This was the biggest opportunity of my career. A shot at joining the most respectable law firm in Seattle. I ... Read More
Suck Gay Cock for Money

Sucking Cock For Cash (Part 1)

"You have got to be joking!" I said in amazement as Andy told me about Jason's latest exploits. "No, straight ... Read More
Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 2) (1)

Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 5)

Brian is given four more training videos, each reinforcing the proposition that he's a cock sucker and his natural purpose ... Read More
Tie Me Up Gay BDSM

Please Tie Me Up And Take It

I took a last look around the house. It looked okay; neat but lived-in. I glanced at the clock and ... Read More
Gay Bromance

Straight-Gay Bromance

The summer air was dead. It was only Noon and it was already hot. It was going to be another ... Read More
Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 2) (1)

Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 4)

Brian was in need of more training before he would become the PERFECT cock sucker before he delves into the ... Read More
Gay Cock Slut

How I Turned Into a Gay Cock Slut

What follows is the completely true story of the weekend that changed my life. This really happened to me and ... Read More
Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 2) (1)

Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 3)

Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 2) Brian, having had his first cock is given a second set of videos ... Read More
Used by Big Black Cock BBC


I parked at one of my favorite bookstores in the Dallas area, took $5 from my wallet and then put ... Read More
I sucked the gay officer's cock

The Officer Sucked My Cock (Love Story)

Time seems to go by so quickly. It was almost a year that I moved out of my mom and ... Read More
Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 2) (1)

Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 2)

Background A cocky 18-year-old, senior, Brian, tries to seduce a pretty college girl, Rose, but instead is seduced by her ... Read More
Not His Type - Gay Man

He Said I Wasn’t His Type – But I’m Beautiful

I was meeting close friends John and Ryan at the club. They were bringing Mark, a friend of John's from ... Read More
Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 2) (1)

Hypnotized to Suck Gay Cock (Part 1)

As I took the sixth load down my throat, four more already deposited in my ass and I still had ... Read More
He made Me suck his cock

Bulldog Made Me Spread My Cheeks (Fun Story)

I was getting ready for a trip to Washington on business, for work when Bill, a guy I didn't like ... Read More
She Made Him Suck his Cock

She Made Him Suck A Big Cock

"I caught Mark cheating on me again. That bastard!" "Wow...sorry sis. What are you going to do?" asked Frank. "I ... Read More
Gay Man Becomes Wife

I Found The Perfect Boy to Make My Wife

After a long and exhaustive search, I have finally found the perfect boy to make my wife. He is as ... Read More
Gay Sex Tennis Player

Please Take It Slow, Your Cock Is Huge (Love Story)

I always preferred the company of boys and never liked to play with girls, even as a child. I have ... Read More
My First Anal Sex Is With a Papa Bear

My First Anal Sex Is With a Papa Bear

He stares at me with a mixture of pity and disgust in his eyes, and I sneer back at him, ... Read More
Gay Indian Man

Ravi Put His Tongue In My Ass

I have an Indian acquaintance, named Ravi, with whom I am very interested in doing some...adult things with. Things that ... Read More
PRORA gay short film (official) (1)

PRORA (Amazing Gay Short Film)

Prora, on the Baltic Sea. Mysterious, endless. In this deserted former Nazi holiday camp, German and French teenagers Jan and ... Read More
Gay Sex With Truck Driver

Ran Away From Home and Met a Big Dick Trucker

My name is Lucas. I'm 18, almost 19 years old. And I'm running away from home. I hadn't planned on ... Read More
Gay Men on Christmas

My Ex’s Cock Was Even Better on Christmas (Love Story)

Hey all and Happy Holidays! First Day I hung up the phone and stared at it for a minute before ... Read More
I am not gay I think

I Am Not Gay, But He Made My Dick Hard

I've heard some people say that in college you learn stuff about yourself you never even considered. In my case ... Read More
Gay Man Kissing Tow Truck Driver

Tow Truck Driver Sucked My Cock (Gay Romance)

I looked at my watch as I stood at the elevator bank with my laptop bag. It was only 6:30 ... Read More
Male Reproductive System during sex

Male Reproductive System in 5 Minutes

This video shows what happens to a man's body during sexual activity. It explains how the male reproductive system works ... Read More
Gay Fetish Club

Alpha Top Seeking Sub (Bondage)

Cason looked out on the sea of dancing people. He could see several people he knew from the scene and ... Read More
Gay man sucking cock at work

Suck My Cock Or Get Fired

"Benji! Get your fuckin' ass in here," Mr. Boothe shouted from his office. Mr. Booth was yelling for me again ... Read More
Gay Interracial Relationship

I Really Thought I Was Straight (Interracial)

No seriously, I really did. I spent my whole life prior to college never once considering another guy. Oh sure ... Read More
Milk Daddy at Sauna

Milking Daddy’s Load At the Sauna

I joined SuperPump during business school. It wasn't fancy. It didn't have the latest and greatest equipment. It was not ... Read More
Gay Romance

If Only He Were Gay (Romance)

The green heart shape candy made a rather satisfying crunch when crushed between Zach's teeth. My love Zach gave a ... Read More
Gay Men Sex and Shame (1)

We’re Not Gay (Erotica)

The shame, the paranoia, the guilt, I'd experienced it all in high school. I'd watch the other guys in the ... Read More
gay men sex double penetration (1)

Getting My First DP

I continued to meet up with Kurt after the time he and Glen introduced me to be slutty. I had ... Read More
Straight Male Submits to Gay Sex

Give Me Your Wedding Ring And Suck My Cock

I was pissed off. I had rushed my ass off to make my flight only to learn it had been ... Read More
Gay Love Story Fresh Start

A Fresh Start (Gay Love Story)

I needed a clean start, I decided. I was still young, only 25 years old. I was working a dead ... Read More
gay sex in gym

My Asshole Was Twitching and Aching to be Filled

I couldn't help the groan that escaped when I pulled into the parking lot. The convenience of having a gym ... Read More
Gay Men Having Sex BDSM

Jeremy Pumped My Face While Rob Whipped Me

My usual searches for porn on the Internet are for men cumming on women, preferably on their face, mouth, and ... Read More
6 Guys Playing Strip Poker

Six Guys Playing Strip Poker

We had all gone away for a month, us six guys: Ray, Mike, John, Matthew, Paul and myself. It was ... Read More
Dave Sucked His Cock When He Fell Asleep

Dave Sucked His Cock When He Fell Asleep

My name is Dave and I am 25 years old and unmarried. I have had several girlfriends some of which ... Read More
gay cum on man's face

His Cum Felt Good On My Face

I hate labels. I don't consider myself gay. Hell, I don't even think of myself as bi, either. Slightly bent? ... Read More
Gay Man Staring At Cock

He Caught Me Staring At His Dick

I saw his stomach muscles tighten and I knew he was ready to shoot his load. I moved closer to ... Read More
Cum Shooting Contest

Cum Shot Contest With Body Builder (Fun Story)

I'm an average guy, average in build, looks, and height, so I'm not exactly proud of my body. On top ... Read More
Do All Men Think About Gay Sex

Every Man is a Little Bit Gay (True Story)

"They're doing cookery classes down at the local college. I think I might give them a go," Trish said, looking ... Read More
gay man waiting to be kissed

His Lips Were Soft and His Beard Tickled My Face

"Hi, PJ." I looked up from my corporate provided iPhone to see my little sister walking up. She pushed the ... Read More
Gay Sex No Condom Bareback

He Pushed His Bare Cock Into My Tight Ass

I discovered bareback sex when I was in college. It is one of the greatest experiences that any bottom can ... Read More
Gay Men Cope with Quarantine Fatigue

How to Cope With Quarantine Fatigue

It could be at least another year before everyday life returns to normal due to COVID-19, so it’s important to find ... Read More
He Was Rubbing His Cock On My Ass in the Sauna

He Was Rubbing His Cock On My Ass in the Sauna

To satisfy my bisexual needs my wife suggested that I become a member, no pun intended, of an upmarket gay ... Read More
Gay sex at the Orchestra

Group Sex at the Orchestra

I thought of it even then as my last fuck—our ultimate fuck, the farewell fuck—with Edward Teng. I still think ... Read More
Gay Sex in Dollar Store

I Sucked His Cock At the Dollar Store

I was on the online hookup site. I was just browsing around. I am a mid forties married guy, tall, ... Read More
Gay Sex With Basketball Team

Locker Room Sex With Basketball Team

If you were asked, could you name the most famous person you went to school with? How about the most ... Read More
I think I am gay

I’m Gay, or at Least I Think I Am

Introducing Mike Browne... Mike Browne was not one to frequent bars, especially bars like this one, but a lot had ... Read More
Suck Cock in Bathroom Stall

He Made Me Suck It In The Bathroom Stall

The hand on the back of my neck had an iron grip, and judging by the tone of the man ... Read More
Suck Hard and Fast

Kenny Started Sucking Harder and Faster

July 17th, 1984, was a day I will never forget. It's 36 years later and I still remember it like ... Read More
Rubbing Cocks With A Gymnast

Rubbing Cocks With A Gymnast

When I found out the gymnastics world championships were going to take place in my hometown, I immediately signed up ... Read More
Breeding in Basement of Gay Club

Breeding in the Basement of a Gay Bar

Donnies. The name had a reputation to it. A gay bar in an industrial part of town with a dark ... Read More
How to Suck a Cock

How to Love a Gay Cock

This is the definitive guide to sucking off a cock -- any cock - for all those who never have, ... Read More
Introduction to Spit Play (1)

Introduction to Spit Play

Spitting during sex squicks a lot of people out, understandably. In fact, spitting in general tends to gross most people ... Read More
I'll Let You Suck My Cock If You're a Good Boy

I’ll Let You Suck My Cock If You’re a “Good Boy” (True Story)

"How about this? I'll make you a deal..." Oh great, Tyler's "deals" were usually nonsensical scenarios where both sides of ... Read More
Top or Bottom Gay Sex

Charley Always Wanted to Bottom

Charley was more than a little bit nervous. He was -- if he were to admit it - a little ... Read More
Gay Fetish Cockold

Your Wife Tells Me You Like Cock (Fetish)

I could see the sun slowly rising outside my bedroom window. I was tied to a chair as a chain ... Read More
Blowjob Through a Gloryhole

Swapping Blowjobs Through a Gloryhole

I still consider myself more "straight" on the sexuality spectrum. I've done my fair share of kinky sexual acts with ... Read More
Gay Erotica He Did It For Love

He Did it For Love (Gay Erotic Horror)

"Hello, pretty one. You look especially delicious this evening." Amal resisted the urge to roll his eyes. So many newcomers ... Read More
You Can't Suck My Cock Unless I Record It

You Can’t Suck My Cock Unless I Record It

The building had obviously been repurposed several times in its life, and every time it was done it appears to ... Read More
Her Dad Grabbed My Penis

Her Dad Grabbed My Throbbing Shaft

I can't believe this is happening. So I'm going to write this story as it happens because it's happening to ... Read More
Gay Love Story

How to Say “I Love You” (Gay Love Story)

"Just kill me and get it over with," I thought as the pounding echoed again. I blinked a couple times, ... Read More
Two Gay Bottoms

Two Bottoms

I looked at the time and said, "DAMN", and felt a slight panic. I hurriedly pulled on my gym shorts ... Read More
Cross Dressing Chastity

Black Guy Uses Me As His Chastity Slut (Cross Dressing)

I should preface this story by saying I've never identified myself as homosexual, but sometimes after being locked up in ... Read More
Gay Sex at Beach House

6 Gay Men And Sex At The Beach House

It was the first time Mark had been invited to one of the boys' weekends at Jason's parent's holiday house ... Read More
First Taste of Gay Cock Got Me Hooked

My First Taste of Gay Cock Got Me Hooked

How did I get here? How did I end up sitting on a couch watching my two best friends fucking ... Read More
I only give head to men

I Only Give Blowjobs

After being initiated into the exquisite wonders of giving men oral pleasure by my cousin, I was ravenous for my ... Read More
Hot Virgin Submits to a Daddy

Hot Virgin Submits to a Daddy

This is the true story of the time I lost my virginity to Mike, an older man I met on ... Read More
First Time Gay Penis Sucking

I Sucked My Straight Friend’s Cock

Normally I'd wake up regretfully, instantly turning over and trying to get back to sleep. Not today though. Today I ... Read More
Gay Dirty Sexy Talk

Gay Dirty Talk

Dirty talk can make good sex better, and great sex down right memorable. Hearing is one the five senses and ... Read More
Gay Tease and Denial

A Little Bit of Gay Tease and Denial

Spread eagle is my definitely my favorite bondage position. I love it. Tying at the feet is not always necessary, ... Read More
Gay Nipple Clamps

Gay Nipple Clamps 101

Although men’s nipples may be not be as sexualized as women’s nipples, they have just as many nerves as women’s ... Read More
Difference between dom and sub

Defining Roles: Doms and Subs

Having been a submissive at one point in my life, I can tell you that there is a simplicity in ... Read More
Gay Man on the Down Low

A Primer for Guys Thinking About Getting Cock on the DL.

So, since you clicked here, it's entirely likely you're one of the many married guys on Grindr who are on ... Read More
How to Swallow Cum

How to Swallow and Not Gag

There seems to be a lot of issues regarding learning to swallow your lovers cum. Some people gag, some choke, ... Read More
Anal Butt Prostate Toys for Men

Anal Toys for Men

When I was growing up I always had a steady girlfriend and our sex life was pretty normal. There was ... Read More
Gay Sex and Romance Erotica Udatz

Please Wait for Me: Gay Love Story

For my thirtieth birthday, three of my best buddies from law school -- Andrew, Curt, and John Ralph ("Ralphie" to ... Read More
Train Gay Slave

Train Your Gay Sex Slave

So you've taken a slave. Congratulations! Chances are, you really haven't given much thought to 'What now?' It's all been ... Read More
Scent of Gay Bear

The Bear’s Scent Made Him Cum

A stiff breeze had picked up when Sam finished unpacking his bags and tools. He took a deep breath in, ... Read More
Fisting and BDSM

Fisting and The BDSM Club

BDSM clubs are absolutely not for everybody, not even people who like BDSM. It takes something that is usually private ... Read More
Gay Spanking BDSM

‘Sensual’ v ‘Disciplinary’ Spanking

In more 30 years as a practicing (non-professional) Dominant, I've discussed this subject a number of times, with both submissives ... Read More
How to make more semen

7 Tips For Harder Ejaculations

I've always been self-conscious about the size of my penis and testicles. I'm on the small-to-average size, but always been ... Read More
Rim Job Udatz

How to Give a Rim Job 🔥

There are many people who find asses extremely sexy but the asshole extremely disgusting. If that area is disgusting to ... Read More
BDSM Toybox Budget Udatz

BDSM: Toybox Tips On A Budget

Most people in the BDSM scene are required to be budget conscious as a singular purchase can blow the weekly ... Read More
Gay Bear and a twink

Young Twink and Daddy Bear

I couldn't wait for the store to close. It was Saturday night and I had Sunday off and I was ... Read More
How to Give Head Adult Book Store

First Blow Job at an Adult Bookstore

This is a true story of my first visit to an adult book stores movie theater and of my first ... Read More
How to have anal sex

Hunter Begs To Get it in the Ass

Hunter went to answer the front door and was surprised to see his best friend Ryan standing there. It was ... Read More
How to Deepthroat

Learning to Deepthroat from Mature Man

Two months after my 18th birthday, I got my first apartment; I'd saved up from my job to be able ... Read More
Gay Man Living as a Woman

A Gay Couple Where One Lives Full Time as a Woman

Ginger held her romance novel in her left hand as she read the seductive steamy passages. She was in bed ... Read More
Top Discovers He Prefers Life as a Bottom

Alpha Top Discovers He Prefers Life as a Bottom

The club wasn't too far from my office and since parking was a bitch on Friday nights, I decided to ... Read More
Gay Bondage Puppy Play


You would think you'd feel degraded, not able to speak up about what you think, but it doesn't seem to ... Read More
Gay Bondage

Used and Abused: Gay Bondage

The first thing I noticed when I woke up is that I was unable to move anything but my arms ... Read More
Sucking Penis

College Cock Sucking Slave

In high school I used to fantasize about juicy fat cocks all the time. I would imagine sucking a nice ... Read More
Husband Has Gay Sex With Alpha Male

Husband Has Sex With Alpha Male

"Mark, I need to talk to you about Heinz." My wife said after dinner. "Your boss?" I asked. "Yes, who ... Read More
Gay Sub and Dom Student and Master

Student and Master

Once more Todd tried to focus on the words of the devastatingly dark and handsome teacher at the front of ... Read More
Gay Bath House Udatz

First Time at a Gay Bath House

I have always been a heterosexual male that was married and then divorced. I have had several relationships with women ... Read More
I love Big Black Penis

I Love Big Black Cock

I love black bodies and cocks. Something real special about them. Maybe lots of things. The sizes are legendary. Muscular, ... Read More
Daddy Makes Me Suck His Cock

Daddy Makes Me Suck His Cock

I decided that while enjoying my short vacation away from Boston, I should include at least one sexy trip to ... Read More
Cocksucking Training

Cocksucking Training

Chris, a married straight man, is stuck at the airport when his flight is delayed. While waiting at the bar, ... Read More
Adam Gets Tricked Into Bottoming

Adam Gets Tricked Into Bottoming

"Dude, I need your help, and it's gonna sound crazy, okay?" Caleb immediately said as he opened his front door ... Read More
He Made Me Suck His Cock

He Made Me Suck His Cock

It was a real rough patch we were in. My wife, Sharon, had experienced a difficult pregnancy which had caused ... Read More
Straight Turnout

Straight Turnout

His eyes were wide with terror and now a new feeling was coming over him... a feeling of excitement. The ... Read More
Girlfriend's Dad Pops My Gay Ass

Girlfriend’s Dad Pops My Man Cherry

I was eighteen years old and it was summer, 1988. My girlfriend, Margie, and her family were going to be ... Read More
Handy Man a Blowjob

Cliff Gives Handy Man Sloppy Blowjob

I walked into the restaurant and looked around for my friends. I saw Walt waving at me and I headed ... Read More
Can I Kiss You - Gay Audio Udatz

Can I Kiss You – Gay Adult Audio Content

"I know it's strange, but do you mind if I kiss you?" A handsome young man rents an extra bedroom ... Read More
gay domestic violence udatz

Domestic Violence Higher in Same Sex Couples

Rates of domestic violence among same-sex couples is consistently higher than for opposite sex couples. Domestic violence in same-sex relationships ... Read More
Walt is Intrigued by the Black Man Helping Out at Church

Walt is Intrigued by the Black Man Helping Out at Church

With the few customers taken care of, I picked up a rag and proceeded to wipe down the empty tables ... Read More
Kinky Wife Wants Husband to Suck a Cock

Kinky Wife Wants Husband to Suck Cock

I was a happily married 25-year-old guy living in a Monterey loft apartment with my wife of two years. Madison ... Read More
How I Became A Gay Cock Slut

How I Became A Gay Cock Slut

A few weeks ago, I attended a training conference in Hilton Head, S.C. The company I work for has multiple ... Read More
First Time with Neighbor Daddy

First Time with Neighbor Daddy

My name's Matt. This story takes place in 2018, the summer before I went off to college. I was an ... Read More
It's Not Gay, It's Just Sex

It’s Not Gay, It’s Just Sex

As he pressed his cock into me, I wondered what had happened to me. I had never had the urge ... Read More
Taking Reggie’s Hung Big Black Cock

Taking Reggie’s Hung Big Black Cock

This is how it started. It was a one of the random porn flicks one watches as a young man ... Read More
Sexy Swimsuit

Sexy Swimsuit

It all started when I accepted an invitation to go over to my friend Dave's house. Dave was a wealthy ... Read More
College Boy's First Gay Experience

College Boys 1st Gay Experience

"Ten full minutes. You gotta lay there, on your back, totally nude. Hands behind your head so you can relax." ... Read More
gay cuckold

Gay Cuckolding: The Ultimate Kink

Internet searches for gay cuckold have increased 400 percent in the last year. These searches show strong increases around Valentine’s ... Read More
Danger of Dating Mostly Straight Guy (1)

Danger of Dating a Mostly Straight Guy

A sexually charged video about the dangerous emotions caused when a mostly straight man teases his vulnerable gay best friend ... Read More
15 Gay Fetishes That Will Turn You On

15 Gay Fetishes That Will Turn You On

These fetishes range from Role Play to Anal Eating to Smelling Armpits. You will be surprised at what turns gay ... Read More
Penalty for Spreading HIV Udatz (1)

Deceived into Catching HIV: My Story

This is the intimate and shocking account by one of the men who was abused by Daryll Rowe - the ... Read More
Gay Dating And Racism

Gay Dating & Racism

Coming Soon. How racism affects dating and hookups in the gay community. Special section on the BBC. We kindly ask ... Read More
Gay Bear Daddy

Steam Room Daddy

I had been going to the local YMCA after work for about a week now, I was trying to bulk ... Read More
quarantine buddy udatz

COVID-19 Quarantine Buddy – Trending

Isolation is a serious challenge for anyone that has feelings and a sex drive. Here's a solution that will keep ... Read More
Gay Man's Coronavirus Survival Kit - Infographic

Gay Man’s Coronavirus Survival Kit – Infographic

Here is a checklist of items that every gay man should include in his emergency kit. As you prepare your ... Read More
locker room gang bang

Locker Room Gangbang

One minute I was sitting alone in the locker room, the next I was surrounded by five guys. I had ... Read More
Chastity Cage to Control Men

Chastity Cage to Control Cheating Men

Chastity cages were originally designed to control cheating men. We believe it's time to bring them back for their original ... Read More
Edging For Harder Orgasms

Edging For Harder Orgasms

Learning to edge will help you give and receive more powerful orgasms because it forces you to focus on the ... Read More
COVID-19 and Loneliness

COVID-19 and Loneliness In Gay Community

COVID-19 is causing loneliness and depression in the gay community. Learn how to prevent it and how to cope with ... Read More
Occupy Me Udatz

Occupy Me: Gay Short Film

Gay short with surprise twist ending that will have your heart racing. Two men, David (a Jewish-American) and Sam (an ... Read More
Str8 to Bitch

Str8 to Bitch

I still don't know how this happened exactly. I've been straight my entire life but somehow, because of one crazy ... Read More
Roommate From Hell

Roommate From Hell

Let me just start by saying that before my junior year in college, I had never even really thought about ... Read More
10 of the Most Adorable Penises You've Ever Seen

10 of the Most Adorable Penises You’ve Ever Seen

A person’s preference in penis is subjective. Some like a penis to curve upward, others to the left. Some prefer ... Read More
20 Seductive Gay Movies Submitted by Our Readers

20 Gay Movies Submitted by Our Readers

A unique and refreshing collection of gay films submitted by our readers.  They're all highly entertaining and thought-provoking. Some have ... Read More
8 Reasons to Keep Having Sex During Coronavirus

8 Reasons to Stay Sexually Active During Coronavirus

The coronavirus means fewer opportunities to connect with people for sex and companionship. Bars are closed and hookup apps like ... Read More
Gay Man Rim Job Rimming Udatz

What is Rimming and How to Do it Correctly

Rimming is a major sexual activity that provides intense anal sensations and can be incorporated into any sexual relationship. You ... Read More
Gay Men Success

4 Reasons Why Gay Men Are More Successful

Here are 4 reasons why gay men are increasingly more successful than straight men. These reasons will continue to make ... Read More
16 Best Gay Movies To Watch During the Coronavirus (1)

16 Best Gay Movies To Watch During the Coronavirus

Here is our list of 16 of the best gay movies, mostly Netflix, that should keep you safe and entertained ... Read More
Is Pansexual The New Gay

Is Pansexual The New Gay

Sexual attraction is not hardwired.  You may start out attracted to men, switch to (men and woman) and end up ... Read More
Girlfriend Uses Her Boyfriend for Gay Erotica Shoot

Girlfriend Uses Her Boyfriend for Gay Erotica Shoot

When Samuel got the text from his girlfriend Angelica he could tell that she was freaked out. She was at ... Read More
Gay Sex and the Corona Virus

Gay Sex and the Coronavirus

Gay men should avoid all sex with strangers until the Coronavirus has been contained. If you decide to have sex, ... Read More
Magnetic Therapy Penis Ring

Magnetic Therapy Penis Ring

The benefits of a magnetic therapy penis ring starts with improving your circulation. The magnets in the ring can draw ... Read More
10 Gay Sex Position to Try This Weekend

10 Gay Anal Sex Positions for This Weekend

These are high intensity anal sex positions that all men can do, even if you aren’t in top physical shape ... Read More
ASMR - Anal Massage Without Penetration

ASMR – Anal Massage Without Penetration: [Video]

Defined as a "calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation", ASMR occurs in response to certain stimuli and ... Read More
11 Gay Hookup Apps For Spring & Summer Travel 2020

11 Gay Hookup Apps For Spring & Summer Travel 2020

One of the best things about traveling over the spring and summer is all the new people you meet. Whether ... Read More
Penis Sleeve for Safe Anal Sex (1)

Unique Penis Sleeve for Safe Anal Sex

We’re introducing a new penis sleeve for safe anal sex called the Bear. Regular penis sleeves are designed to be ... Read More
Ultimate Guide to P-Spot Milking1

Ultimate Guide to P-Spot Milking

The P-Spot is the second most pleasurable erogenous zone on a man’s body. Massaging it can produce orgasms that are ... Read More
Anal Sex Part Art - Part Science

How to Bottom: Part Science, Part Art

Anal sex between two men can be an amazing experience. But as we know, there are a lot of things ... Read More
Male Masturbator Cup

Automatic Male Masturbator with Heated Shaft for Real Sensation

Automatic male masturbator with heated shaft for extra real sensation. Use alone or with your partner. Will enhance the sex ... Read More
How to Give a Blowjob

How to Give a Blowjob and Why It’s Important

It's truly a sad state of affairs that there are so few people in the world that are good at ... Read More
Gay Men Top or Bottom

Gender Roles in Gay Relationships

Straight people tend to get a little hung up on titles and roles in gay relationships. When it comes to ... Read More
Bud Sex

Bud-Sex, Dude-Sex, Mostly Straight Sex

Why straight men have sex with men is a mystery for many of us, but not to them. We’ve long ... Read More
Backpage and w4m

Backpage vs Sugar Daddy Websites

Backpage was a classified advertising website that gave individuals an opportunity to buy, trade and sell products and services. It ... Read More
How to Give a Hand Job

How to Give a Hand Job That Will Blow His Mind

A “good” hand job can be more satisfying than regular sex. I emphasized “good" because I’ve had a lot of ... Read More
how to have gay sex udatz

Four Universal Laws of Gay Sex

The most important rule to remember in any sexual relationship is that there are no rules. Do anything and whatever ... Read More
gay men in bed interracial udatz

5 Scientifically Proven Tips to Amazing Gay Sex

Many gay men are satisfied with “regular sex,” but most alpha males and subs have a deep seated urge to ... Read More
gay sugar daddy

Are you a Sugar-Daddy-360

There are several kinds of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Daddy websites on the internet, each one trying to fill a ... Read More
Becoming His Girl

Becoming His Girl

I should be ashamed to tell you this story. But for some reason, I have to do it. My name ... Read More
Online Dating Makes People disposable

Online Dating: How Tinder Turned Me Into A Paper Cup

When people think about the problems of online dating, the first five things that come to mind are:  People lie ... Read More
gay relationship advice

How To Tell If He’s Using You [Video]

This video will give you 100% clarity on whether or not he's using you. You have to replace the speaker's ... Read More
How to Make a Woman Squirt UDATZ (2)

How to Make a Girl Squirt | Secrets of Squirting Orgasms [VIDEO]

100 million men (and women) have watched these videos on how to make a girl squirt. How To MAKE a ... Read More
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4 Tips On Writing the Perfect Online Dating Profile in 2020

Learn how to write an online dating profile that will make you stand out from the crowd. Learn how to ... Read More
gay man in relationship on phone

14 Deal Breakers that You Can Not Ignore

You’ve probably had a friend who started dating a gay that really made you scratch your head. He was flaky, ... Read More
10 Ways to Touch Your Man

10 Ways to Touch Your Man That Will Drive Him Wild

Physical touch is important in any relationship and we're now discovering just how important physical touch is. The most popular ... Read More
Top 10 Videos on How to Use a Cock Ring (2)

Top 9 Videos on How to Use a Penis Ring

A penis ring is a great sex toy that can help you maintain an erection for longer. Add vibration and ... Read More
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Best Wand Vibrators for Men

These Magic Wand Style Vibrators (or Personal Massagers) are powerful sex toys that can add serious pleasure to your sex ... Read More
Black Lover Likes Me Cleaning His Skin with Baby Oil

Black Lover Likes Me Cleaning His Skin with Baby Oil

My black lover has an ashy-looking, grey film streaked and splotched on his body. So when we get together for ... Read More
How Dating Apps Help Old and Young Hookup

How Dating Apps Help Young and Older Gay Men Hookup

Apps like Grindr have connected gay men of differing ages and backgrounds. And though these apps may be seen as ... Read More