Gay And Bi Sex On Campus Pt 9

Poking his prostate sent a burst of cum flying from his cock. I was locked in his bottom. We ground together as his rectal muscles massaged my throbbing cock.

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I returned to school with mixed feelings. My time with Donna had been great. Sharing intimate information with Doug was very special. I knew that I would miss them both. However, getting back to Kyle and starting our cohabitation was exciting. But there was more to returning to school than just a new living arrangement and an exciting love affair. Though I had studied the brotherhood material well, I was nervous about how I would be tested in the coming weeks. I had no idea how strict or picky the tests might be regarding the AOK lore. There were detailed rules and rituals as well as a long history that included many former leaders’ thoughts to know. There was also the matter of sexual trials and hazing to think about. After my first week as a pledge I figured anything was possible.

Fortunately, my concerns could be put off for a few days. I had to return a full week before most students to take care of moving. Resident life insisted that I be checked out of the old room so that a new person could take it on regular move in day. The campus had an eerie feel when I arrived. Most of the athletes wouldn’t even be back for another day or two. There was of course a good side to the early return. It meant at least two nights and most of two days I would have to be alone with Kyle. We had talked over the break but had not been able to get together. I missed him and was expecting a wild reunion. I was very disappointed when I learned at resident life that my lover would not be back until the next day. He had been unavoidably delayed by flight cancellations due to bad weather. He was stuck in an airport somewhere and I wouldn’t even be able to talk to him. I was going to be spending my first night in our new apartment alone.

As I worked in packing up my stuff at the old place, I was glad that my soon to be former roommate was not on campus yet. I had felt bad to be running out on him. The worse part was that I couldn’t even give him a good excuse. Since he and I were not open about sexuality with each other I was not comfortable sharing the real reason that I was moving in with Kyle. I know he felt like I had some issue with him. Once I was packed a senior who worked in residence life offered to help me take my stuff across campus after he did my room inspection.

Ron Jennings like me came from a family that could not afford the cost of college. Unlike me he didn’t have an athletic scholarship. I learned that he had two on-campus jobs and a part time gig at a local mall selling sneakers and sweat socks. He was a good looking guy that obviously found time for working out based on the way he filled out his tee shirt. I am not sure why I was immediately interested in what was between his legs. It was more that interest than anything that prompted me to offer to take him to dinner in town as a thank you for helping me move. He accepted adding that he needed to shower and change. Since we were roughly the same size I suggested he use our shower and borrow some clothes instead of trudging to his room in the residence hall. He also accepted that offer.

I showered first while he waited. I was somewhat surprised when I came out of the shower to find him sitting on my bed naked flipping through a magazine. He just smiled at me and headed for the bathroom. I had the treat of a good look at both his front and back sides. I was suddenly way more than interested in him. I decided to see if I might make something happen before we went out. I remained in just the towel while I waited for him to shower. I got an even better opportunity to ogle his body when he walked back into my room drying his hair naked from the neck down. The towel prevented him from seeing me check out his cut cock, nice sized balls and trimmed pubic hair. However, I got caught when I spent too much time trying to figure out what the circular tattoo between his hip and cock was supposed to be.

I covered by quickly say, “Cool looking tat man. What is it?”

He actually walked over to me to give me a closer look as he explained that it was an Aztec symbol. He had chosen it from a collection of medallions that his grandfather had given him.

“I guess you might say it is a tribute,” He told me as he showed off the design.

His great-grandfather was Mexican and Ron’s grandfather had told stories of their Aztec bloodlines. My new friend did not know if the stories were true but he loved the man who told them and missed having him in his life since his death.

“That’s cool, kind of like you will always carry him with,” I said in response to his story while fighting my desire to reach out and fondle his cock.

“Yeah, that is how feels to me,” He said with a bit of melancholy.

“I wasn’t sure where you’d want to eat so I was waiting to pick out clothes for us,” I said trying to change the subject.

Standing so close to my handsome new friend fully exposed with just a towel on was causing a bit of a problem. My cock was reacting to desires I did not know if I could chance expressing. Food wasn’t exactly a priority to me at that moment.

“Shit, we should keep it casual. You can’t afford fancy places any more than I can.” He replied.

“Well I wasn’t thinking of Jacques Bistro or anything,” I said referring to one of the most expansive restaurants in town. “But I could spring for a place where we might need a collar on our shirts.”

He laughed at me reference to Jacques. It was fairly unlikely that either of us would ever eat there. When I joined in the laugh it was my turn to be ogled. My towel fell off leaving me totally naked with my semi-erect dick on display. He made no secret of his looking at my hairless semilifter.

“Damn must me a big job keeping it so smooth,” He said.

“Oh not so bad. You must have to shave as often to keep yours neat,” I responded as if guys had casual conversations about pubic hair grooming all the time.

“Mine is only this neat because I shaved this morning. I tend to let a little stubble build up between shaves. Is yours always so smooth?”

“Well for now it is. But it is new; a pledge thing,” I said not thinking that was a forbidden secret.

“Oh, I hear frats make guys do some silly shit during hazing. Which frat?”

“AOK and I guess they could ask worse things than keeping your cock hairless.”

“Oh cool, I have a couple of friends that are AOK guys,” He said with a mischievous grin. The comment and the look made me almost certain he was into guy play. I assumed his friends had let slip one of the brotherhoods secrets. I figured since he was a senior he hadn’t come to the brotherhood’s attention until he was already an upperclassmen. Either that or he had chosen not to join.

“They seem to be a good group of guys. Of course I haven’t met them all yet.”

“The ones I know are great; a lot of fun,” He said clearly sending a signal.

Neither one of us were pushing the getting dressed issue. That in itself was enough to tell me he was interested. Most straight guys I knew didn’t hang out casually while naked. Even in locker rooms after sharing a shower most guys wanted to get into a pair of underwear pretty quickly. Ron was either extremely open about his body or as I was nearly certain into gay sex. However, even with all my recent experience I had no idea how to move the situation to the next step. Fortunately, he did.

“So, are we going to head out or hop in bed and take care of our other hunger first?” He asked in an incredibly innocent way that I found very sexy.

“I could eat later,” I managed to reply.

He smiled and jumped on my bed. He lay on his back with his legs slightly spread and that enticing smile on his handsome face. I joined him on the bed having no idea what the virtual stranger was into. I was full of conflicting thoughts; did he like to kiss, was he only into mutual masturbation, was he a top or bottom, did he even like anal? All of these things swirled in my head as I hesitantly crawled up on the bed next to him. I moved my hand to his chest as I lay on my side next to him. At that point I was immobilized by indecision. I was thrilled when he rolled onto his side, took my balls in his hand and pressed his lips to mine.

As he gently rolled my delicate nuts in his hand we shared an erotic kiss. Our tongues danced and intertwined like two friendly cobras. I let my hands roam over his body; one caressed his slightly furry chest while the other explored his lower back and ass. He began to stroke my fully erect cock and moved his lips to my ear as I teased the top of his ass crack with my fingertip. His appreciative sighs as his tongue toyed with my ear encouraged me to run my finger down the valley between his ass cheeks. He jumped slightly and moaned seductively when I touched his puckered opening.

In another minute I was on my back with him atop me. He ground his hard cock in my throbbing shaft as he kissed my neck. I could do nothing but lay under him and caress his back while enjoying the feel of his flesh against mine as he kissed his way to my chest. He used his lips and tongue to lavish attention on each of my hard little nipples. He moved lower planting little kisses and ticklish licks along my abdomen. I squirmed on the bed and ran my fingers through his thick black hair. The anticipation of what was coming caused my cock to throb and jump around. He kissed my smooth hairless pubic area but avoided my cock.

He nudged my legs apart so he could kiss and lick my thigh. I was surprised when he continued down my leg; kissing my knee, calf and ankle. He gently massaged my foot as he kissed each toe. After a minute or two he moved to the other foot and repeated the process in reverse; kissing my toes first and then working up my leg. Having a guy I just met make love to me in such an intimate and tender way felt incredibly erotic. When he got to the top of my thigh he kissed my already tightening ball sack softly before beginning to lick my nuts. As I looked down at him I could see a bead of precum oozing from my aching cock as he lovingly kissed and licked my smooth sensitive sack.

I reached down and took his head in my hands. I gently pulled him, urging him to move to my cock. He allowed me to guide him and willingly took my cock into his mouth. He was as gentle and loving with my cock as he was with the rest of my body. I held and caressed his head as he slowly took every bit of my cock into his mouth. I felt his throat caress my cock head as he effortless deep throated my meat. There was not even a hint of a gag as he moved up and down my shaft using his mouth to fuck me. As I got closer to orgasm he shifted his position so that he could rub his hard cock on my leg. The feeling of his hardness sliding along my skin as he humped me sent me into orbit. He was clearly excited by sucking my cock. Suddenly my body tensed. He used his lips to clamp onto my jerking cock as I began to spray ribbons of cum. He held onto my dick and drank down every drop I had as I thrashed about on the bed enjoying the powerful orgasm.

I was still panting when he crawled back up my body and kissed me. To my surprise he began to gently hump my hip as we kissed. I tried to move. I wanted to suck him and do for him what he had done for me. He used his weight and his gym toned strength to hold me down as he continued to hump me. His lips and tongue prevented me from voicing any objection. When he ejaculated between our bodies his moans set his lips to vibrating against my mouth. As his orgasm subsided he rolled onto his back pulling me a top him. The moment caused our bodies to rub together. I could feel his warm, sticky cum being massaged into our flesh. He wrapped me in his arms holding me in place as if he wanted to prevent my escape. He had no need to worry; I didn’t want to go anywhere.

“Wow, damn that was fucking oh wow, what the fuck was that?” I gasped after a few minutes.

“That was incredible man,” he replied between breaths.

“Fuck you are awesome,” I added.

“Thanks, sexy,” He said with smile, “You are pretty fucking incredible yourself.”

I kissed him again and then said, “I just have to ask why you didn’t want me to suck you?”

“It was just a heat of the moment thing. What we were doing felt so good, I just wanted to keep going.”

“Man, it was good, god it was almost unreal. I never had a guy cum with me like that before. It was very hot.”

“I get so excited sometimes that I love cumming that way. You really turned me on. It felt so good with you. The heat of a first time was magnified by your sexiness.”

“Wow what a compliment. I am still tingling. What a great body fuck!” I exclaimed.

“Cool..and by the way, we don’t have stop. I won’t object to you sucking me in the next round,” he said and patted my ass.

“Well if it isn’t too much for a first date you can spend the night and we can do several more rounds,” I replied.

“I am free tonight and all of tomorrow. How many rounds did you have in mind?”

That was when I knew I needed to explain some things to Ron. The most important of which was Kyle.

“Hey, how about we go for dinner while we recharge. That way we will have plenty of fuel for a long night and we can also get to know each other better,” I suggested hopefully.

“Cool, you want to share a second’s shower in that case?”

We jumped into the shower together and quickly washed his cum and the sweat of passion off our bodies. We each wore a pair of my jeans and tee shirts. Neither of us bothered with underwear as we planned to be naked and in bed soon enough. While walking back and forth from the restaurant we had a good talk. He understood about Kyle and told me he had a casual girlfriend himself. Like my relationship with Kyle his relationship with his girlfriend who knew he was bi was open. Though we made no commitments we decided that we would probably like to get together again occasionally.

We had sex that night past the point where either of us could get hard anymore. I got lots of time sucking his hot cock. It was an amazing evening that included a lot of oral exploration. Ron was adept at finding places on the body that could be pleasurably stimulated orally that most men never considered. Kyle was soon to be the beneficiary of things my new friend taught me. The next day was a bit awkward. Ron and I were awoken after noon by Kyle’s booming voice.

“Hello, honey I am home,” my lover shouted from the living room room, doing a bad Ricky Ricardo impression.

He was in the bedroom half undressed before either Ron or I was fully awake. Instead of the surprise he had planned for me he got the surprise of finding a naked hunk on his side of the bed.

“Oh fuck, shit, sorry….” Kyle said as he started to back out of the room.

“Hold on baby. Everything is cool. Come sit down meet my friend,” I said quickly hoping Kyle wasn’t upset.

He looked puzzled but halted his retreat anyway.

“I don’t want to interrupt. We can talk later. It’s cool,” Kyle said.

“You are not interrupting. This is Ron and he knows all about you and me. Come on sit, please,” I said.

Ron pulled the sheet over his privates and offered his hand to Kyle, “Good to meet you, man. Please don’t run off because I am here.”

Kyle walked over and shook Ron’s hand and then sat on the bed. He still didn’t look completely sure about the situation. I realized that I was still exposed and grabbed a piece of the bedspread to cover my cock.

“What time is it? I thought you weren’t going to be able to get here until late afternoon,” I asked casually trying to make the situation seem normal.

“Um, fucking airline bounced me around the country half the night to get me here earlier. It is just after twelve. Sorry I barged in on you guys. When did you guys meet?” He replied.

“Oh yesterday. Ron works at residence life he helped me get out of the old place and we well hit it off.”

“Yeah I guess,” Kyle said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Hey, maybe I should clear out and give you two a chance to talk or whatever,” Ron offered sincerely.

“No man, no way. I am the one that should go. You two need to finish or at least have a chance for a goodbye,” Kyle said quickly.

“Fuck nobody needs to go or feel uncomfortable,” I insisted. “Babe, we can talk more privately later, but I need to know right now if this is problem. I thought we had this issue worked out.”

“No it isn’t a problem. Everything is cool. It was a bit of a surprise. Mostly though I thought maybe you two might like some time for a morning after um well you know,” Kyle said.

“Sit still, baby. How about you Ron? I thought we were clear too.”

“No problems here, John. Everything is very cool. I just don’t want to be the cause of any issues,” Ron said cheerfully.

“Good,” I said and gave each of them a kiss.

Kyle’s kiss was a lot more passionate. After we talked for a bit, Kyle got naked and joined us under the covers. Neither Ron nor I had really recovered from our sexual marathon the night before. Kyle benefitted from having two enthusiastic partners pleasuring him. It was interesting sharing my lover’s big cock with Ron. We traded off with one working the top half and the other the bottom half. Kyle admitted to me when we were alone later that two mouths made it an incredible blow job. I suspected that Ron’s deep throating skills may have had something to do with the extra pleasure. However, I chose not to bring that up.

As I watched Ron throw his clothes on an hour later, I was reasonably sure it wasn’t going to be his last visit. As he was about to leave, I jumped out of bed. I wrapped him in my arms and gave him a deep wet kiss.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you get out of here without a goodbye after the night we had did you?” I asked with a big grin while still holding onto him.

As I walked him to the door he told me that he was glad we had met. He initiated the next kiss. By the time he actually left I was semi-erect and feeling ready for more sex. I hurried back to the bed room and practically attacked Kyle. We rolled around in bed making out, fondling each other and generally playing until my cock was rock solid and dripping precum.

“God I missed you and your hot cock, baby,” Kyle cooed as he slid down and began to suckle my tightening balls.

“Oh fuck, yes. That feels awesome, lover,” I moaned softly as he worked his magic on my nuts.

A few minutes later he asked me to fuck him. I grabbed some lube and began working it into his ass with my fingers. He was unusually tight.

“Mmmmmmmm, that feels good, John. No one has touched me there since the last time you made love to me,” He said in a dreamy tone.

“You didn’t have sex over break?” I asked startled over the revelation.

“A long time fuck buddy of mine and I fooled around, did some sucking, but I wouldn’t let him fuck me. I wanted to save that for you only,” He moaned as I pushed two fingers into his loosening anus.

I never felt as good in my life as I did at that moment. I bent down and kissed his lips softly.

“I love you,” I whispered, “It feels amazing that you would want to do that for me.”

“Baby, I want it to be only yours. Unless it is for a brotherhood thing, your cock is the only one going in my pussy.”

He pulled his legs up as I moved between his thighs. I guided my cock to his slick hole. He begged me to shove my pole into him as I rubbed the head over his tight opening. Even though he was tighter than usual I was still able to push my cock into him easily. His rectum swallowed my invading shaft. He lifted his ass as if trying to capture more of me. As soon as I was ball deep in his body, he began begging me to fuck him hard. My entire body trembled as I reared back and then drove back into him hard.

“Oh god yes! That is what I need. Pound my cunt lover,” He exclaimed as I rammed my cock in and out of him.

In my well fucked condition I felt as if I could go on fucking him for hours. That was until my poking of his prostate sent a burst of cum flying from his cock. His rectum clamped onto my dick. He was fully impaled on my pole and I was locked in his ass. We ground together as his rectal muscles massaged my throbbing cock. My almost dry orgasm was incredibly intense. After that we cuddled for about an hour before going to dinner.

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