Gay And Bi Sex On Campus Pt 10

Ray forced his hard cock into Dante’s unlubed rectum. To Kyle’s amazement Dante made no protest as his ass was being brutalized by Ray. After about ten minutes Ray finally came.

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The next two days were a blur. I had a great time being alone and playing house with Kyle. However, the specter of my upcoming brotherhood testing hung over everything. Fortunately my lover not only understood he was able to help. He even bent brotherhood rules to help me relax over what was to come. I was probably the best prepared pledge ever when I was escorted to the AOK house right after our first swim practice of the semester.

Troy, Dom and two guys they introduced as fellow members grabbed me in the locker room just as I was finishing my post practice shower. I was ordered to dress and come with them. They marched me across campus as if I was being taken to prison; one in front, one in back and one on each side of me. Along the way I saw that at least one of my fellow pledges was being similarly treated. Jerry was on the path ahead of me surrounded by four brothers. As it turned out Jason’s TM had brought him back to the house a few minutes before we arrived. We were once again left in the basement room where we had met on the first night. Only difference was we were not naked.

“Fuck, any of this starting to get creepy to you guys?” Jason asked as soon as we were alone.

Jerry and I admitted that we were a little weirded out by some of the formal shit. None of us were really ready to start trashing the ways of the brotherhood. We mostly discussed our concerns over the volume of shit we could be tested on. Since we were basically told to know everything in the books we were given we had no way to know exactly what might be asked. We did not have long to begin finding out. Brock entered the room along with our TMs and two other brothers. All of them wore hooded robes.

“Welcome back pledges,” Brock said with a big smile. “Today we will begin to test your knowledge of the brotherhood. You know brothers Dominick, Caleb and Derrick. Let me introduce Dante Myers and Ray Feldman.”

“Greetings brother Dante and Brother Ray,” We said in near unison as we offered our hands.

Dante Meyers was a tall African American senior who was a standout wide receiver on the football team. Everyone said he was a lock to be an early round NFL draft pick. I was excited about the prospect of getting to suck another hot black cock. That it was attached to such a handsome, sexy, muscular hunk of a man added to the excitement I felt. Ray Feldman was an interesting contrast to the tall, black, Adonis, football star. Ray was short and stout. I learned later that he was an NCAA champion wrestler and had a very taut, sexy, muscular body. But standing next to Dante the five-seven, sandy haired white kid wouldn’t have stood out at all except for his sparkling green eyes and incredibly cute smile.

As we exchanged handshakes Brock continued, “Excellent, you are fast learners. Dante and Ray are the brotherhood’s archivists. As such they are the most familiar with our lore and ways. They will be asking questions based upon the material you were to study over break. This is only a first test to gauge your initial learning.”

Brock paused and eyed us while we nervously awaited the test.

“Now for future tests a reward system will be employed. However since failure is considered likely in this phase we use a punishment system. To start for each incorrect answer you will be required to remove an article of clothing. The first of you to be completely naked will submit himself to two whacks from each of the TMs. The second to be naked will get a single whack from each TM. The third will escape that fate. However, once you are naked, additional wrong answers will be punished with a whack.”

It didn’t seem so bad and I was fairly confidant about the amount of studying I had done. However when the TMs retrieved the paddles and stood at what resembled parade rest with them on display in their hands I realized these would be no timid smacks with open palms. Still I doubted I would be the first one out. My confidence grew as the questioning began. The archivist started out with the easiest of questions. At least fifteen had been asked before the first piece of clothing, Jerry’s shoe was removed. Next I lost both shoes when it was ruled that my mixing up the steps in the ritual of bonding was two errors.

As the questions increased in difficulty I held a lead. But Jason was only a sock behind me. Jerry was down to his boxers. He seemed really worried about loosing. However, he got lucky on the next two rounds. Jason and I got our questions wrong while Jerry fielded what seemed like softballs. That left me in my tee shirt and tight knit boxers. Jason on the other hand only wore a jock. Jerry still had a chance. But his next question was one you would have had to have memorized the picture captions in the books to know. Jerry hadn’t studied that hard. He slipped off his underwear and dutifully walked to the front of the room.

“Bend over and brace yourself on this chair,” Brock instructed dispassionately.

The TMs seemed to delight in giving him his hard whacks. When he returned to stand next to us I could see the tears in Jerry’s eyes. I had to give him credit for holding them back. I felt bad as I was wishing Jason bad luck. However, he got a relatively simple question and attention turned back to me. I still don’t believe the answer to the question I got was in any of the books. But protest and appeal were not part of the rules. As I started to pull off my tee shirt, I was instructed to do bottoms first.

So there I stood with my dick on display. On one side of me was a naked classmate with a very red ass. On the other was a guy wearing only a jock strap. With six robed guys standing in front of us it was like some bizarre scene in a bad movie. But it was no movie and soon there was going to be another red ass. I had forgotten that Jerry was still required to answer questions. To his obvious relief he got his next answer correct. I had to fight to keep from smiling when Jason missed his next question. He peeled off the jock, bent over the chair and gamely took his whacks.

“John,” Brock practically bellowed as Jason return to his spot, “It is time for you to show what a fine brother you will be to your fellow pledges. Drop to your knees and show your compassion and empathy for your pledge mates by soothing their stinging flesh with tongue and lips. Remember their flesh burns instead of yours only through the luck of the draw.”

I moved behind my fellow pledges and went to my knees. I saw a hint of a smile on Brock’s face as I began to kiss the red marks on Jerry’s ass. I had no idea exactly what was expected of me. This particular ritual did not appear in any of the books I was given to study over break. I alternated between Jason and Jerry’s asses gently kissing their red stinging flesh. After several minutes Brock reminded me that he had told me to use my tongue. I licked my future brother’s asses like a puppy licks his owners face. By the time I was told to stop both of their red asses were covered in my saliva and my cock was about three-quarters erect.

The questions began again as I stood there with my cock pointing forward. Several rounds passed before another wrong answer was given. Jerry was made to step forward and take another hard whack of the paddle. With his ass already sore it wasn’t surprising that he cried out when the wood contacted his flesh.

“I hope you will study harder in the future, pledge. You don’t take punishment very well,” Brock said harshly as Jerry returned to the line.

I got my next question wrong and gamely pulled my tee shirt over my head. I was surprised when I was told to step forward for my whack. I had thought I would get my first one only after missing another question. I was actually shaking as I stood bent over waiting for Dom to deliver the blow. I was stunned by the force of the blow and the stinging that that it caused. I bit into my lip to suppress the yelp that tried to escape my throat.

We spent the next hour being grilled with what seemed to me to be increasingly hard questions. When it was over and we were left alone to wait for whatever came next none of us could sit. We all acknowledged how painful and humiliating the experience had been. We also recognized that it had in some odd way been a bonding experience. We spontaneously engaged in a group hug. I am sure that we were quite a sight for however was monitoring the camera in the room; three naked guys with flaming red asses in a tight embrace. We remained locked in that hug for awhile which caused what turned out to be an unfortunate effect. All three of us became fully aroused.

When Brock suddenly burst through the door with his assistant Colin we flew apart and lined up as if waiting for inspection. Brock looked disappointed while Colin had a look of glee and a bulge in his shorts. Whether or not Brock was aroused was hidden by his robe.

“Damn you are three horny little boys!” Brock said in a harsh tone.

Then he stepped forward and went down the line slapping each of our cocks much like a card slaps the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The effect was one of shock as opposed to pain.

“Brother Colin, what is to be done with such pledges?” Brock asked rhetorically.

Colin remind silent as he continued to stare at our still hard dicks. I was certain that my face was as red as my ass at that point. I was astonished that while being punished physically and humiliated I could be so aroused. But no amount of wishing would make my dick deflate. I was at least a bit comforted that my compatriots were in a similar way.

“I think one of you should volunteer to provide relief to the other two,” Brock said almost as if he was brain storming solutions.

I think Jerry surprised even himself by volunteering.

“Very good, pledge. Get on your hands and knees. Jason his mouth is yours. John you take his ass.”

As Jason moved to get his blow job I managed to protest, “But sir he is dry.”

“Very good John. Concern for your brother’s is an admirable trait,” Brock said as he reached into his robe.

He tossed me a small tube. I knelt behind Jerry and began to caress his back as I lubed up his asshole. Jerry who was already sucking Jason’s throbbing cock murmured as I worked the lube into his rectal canal with my fingers. Once I was certain he was loosened up enough I moved into position. As much as I liked sex, for some reason I really didn’t want to fuck him. However, the enthusiastic way he was sucking Jason’s cock seemed to reassure me that he wanted the sex. I pushed my cock into him and he pushed back. As soon as I hit bottom I pulled back slowly. I began to fuck him using slow gentle thrusts as he happily deep throated Jason’s rampaging cock.

Apparently I was being too gentle for Brock. I didn’t hear the command from Brock but all of a sudden Colin moved behind me. I felt his hands on my buttocks. His fingers dug into me and he pushed forward hard. He slid his hands to my hips and pulled me back. I no longer had control of my actions. Colin was directing the force and pace of my thrusts. He used my body to pound Jerry’s ass. At some point I heard Jason cry out and I knew that Jerry was drinking a load of cum as Colin continued driving me in and out of Jerry’s willing ass.

Once his mouth was empty Jerry’s moans of pleasure filled the room. I held onto him as Colin began using his body to force me into my pledge mate. Jerry’s rectum clamped onto me as he informed the room that he was cumming. I remember wondering what the penalty for soiling the floor was going to be as my cock was trapped in the vise-like grip of his rectum. I knew I was close to the edge when to my surprise Colin backed away. When he again pressed his body against me he was naked. His hard cock pressed into my back as he returned to making me hump Jerry. Colin dry humped me making no attempt to enter my ass as I fucked my fellow pledge. My orgasm sent several ribbons of cum deep into Jerry’s body.

I was panting and my heart was pounding. I wanted to pull away so I could sit and recover. But I was trapped between Jerry and Colin who was still dry humping me. My slowly shrinking cock sloshed in Jerry’s cum filled ass. The feelings shooting from my increasingly sensitive cock through my body were bordering on painful. Throughout Jerry moaned under the assault clearly enjoying every moment. After a few minutes that seemed more like an hour Colin set me free. I collapsed on the floor next to Jason panting. Colin moved to Jerry’s front and fed the seemingly insatiable pledge his cock. Brock who had shed his robe took my place behind Jerry. I watched wide-eyed as Brock slowly shoved his huge cock into the ass I had just stretched out.

Jerry showed no signs of distress as he was impaled upon Brock’s monster cock. The pledge just kept sucking Colin’s cock as Brock began sliding his log in and out of the cum filled rectum. Each time the big man pulled back Jason and I could see my cum clinging to Brock’s amazing cock. My cock began to grow again as I recalled my own experience being on the receiving end of that big piece of meat. As he was with me, Brock was incredibly gentle and careful while fucking Jerry. However, the experience was so intense that Jerry had to release Colin’s cock as Brock got close to his peak. After Brock came in Jerry’s ass Colin pounced on the pledge. They ended up rolling around on the floor in a wild sixty-nine session.

As Colin and Jerry were obliviously sucking each other’s cocks, I was surprised by Brock suddenly diving for my crotch and engulfing my again hard dick. Having had the one previous good morning exchange of blow jobs with Brock I knew he was a master of fellatio. He easily took my cock to the nub. I felt his nose press into the smooth area that until a few weeks early had been a tangle of curly hair. He even managed to slip his tongue out and tease my nuts as he deep throated me. As attached as I was to Kyle I was thinking those skills alone could have made me his for life. I became so lost in the pleasure Brock was giving me that I didn’t really see anyone else in the room.

Suddenly I had Jason’s cock in my mouth. We quickly shifted into a kind of triangle. As Brock sucked me, I sucked Jason and Jason sucked Brock. I was certain I liked hazing at that point. By the time the three of us came, Colin and Jerry had finished and were cuddled up watching our three-ring cock circus.

“Good first day of examinations, pledges,” Brock announced shortly after swallowing my cum. “Colin take them to the showers and then down to the parlor. Your TM’s have some more material for you to study and there are some things you seemed to have missed. Our next test in is three days.”

He picked up his rob and left us with Colin.

“Come on guys, you still got a lot to do,” Colin said as he looked around for his clothes.

My pledge mates and I had more trouble rounding up our things. As we had stripped our stuff had gotten tossed around and mixed up.

“By the way guys, I had a lot of fun. I hope I get a chance to play with you again soon,” Colin said in a coy manner.

Other than briefly during the council room orgy I hadn’t seen Colin involved in any sexual activity before that evening. I had thought that maybe he was the brotherhood’s eunuch or perhaps Brock’s personal; boy toy or something. It was undeniable that he was cute and had a great cock. The one thing that made him stand out however was that he clearly was not an athlete. I knew from my studies that participation in athletics was not a requirement but it was highly encouraged. I wondered if that had something to do with him being an errand boy for the council. To me his being a little softer around the middle than most of the brothers added to his appeal. I was more than a little interested in spending some private time in bed with him. But that would wait for another day. We carried our clothes and walked through the house naked. Colin led us up two floors to the shower room. He left us there after saying that he was sure we could find the parlor on our own. As the three of us showered side-by-side we chatted excitedly.

“That was fucking wild!” Jason exclaimed.

“Oh god, they can fucking beat me everyday if I get to be the guy in the middle like that after. Jesus guys I feel like I could go another round,” Jerry added gleefully.

“Well you are a hot fuck, buddy,” I said with a wicked grin. “Too bad Colin didn’t join us in the shower. I could go for a taste of his cute dick.”

Jerry laughed and told me that he defiantly wanted more of Colin’s cock. He also thanked me for stretching him out so well.

“Mutha-fucker, Brock’s cock felt like somebody was shoving their fucking arm up my ass.”

“Shit, I had to fight to get my lips around that monster. I can’t believe you took it up your ass,” Jason added.

“It felt awesome!” Jerry informed us.

“I am sure you will get your ride, Jason,” I piped in as I turned off the water. “I have had it in my ass, Jerry’s had it; you are bound to be getting your tight little hole stretched soon.”

The conversation and our general constant youthful horniness had all three of us over half way to fully erect. It was obvious that all three of us had the same thought. Jerry acted first. He turned to me and took my dick in his hand. Under different circumstances I would have been all over sex with my teammate. But I knew we would be in some shit if we kept the TM’s waiting while we screwed each other. My resolve was nearly thwarted when Jason moved behind me and started fondling my balls. I was frozen for a minute as my pledge mates moved to sandwich me in between their naked bodies.

“Guys we can’t do this now,” I somehow managed to say. “The TM’s will tear us a new one if we don’t hustle down there.”

“Fuck, you’re right, but I really want to suck this sweet piece of meat,” Jerry said, still stroking my cock.

Jason kissed the back of my neck and added, “Yeah come on, a couple of quick blow jobs won’t upset anyone.”

“Fuck, you guys are crazy!” I said and slipped out from between. “I don’t want to fuck up right after showing Brock how much I still had to learn.”

They reluctantly agreed with my point. We quickly got dried off and dressed. Our dicks clearly did not agree with the decision however. We all still had obvious bulges in our pants when we got to the parlor. Our TMs were hanging out as if they had nothing special planned. I was glad no mention was made of the shower incident. I figured there was a chance we had been observed the whole time. At that point I had come to think everything was a test. After greeting us and giving us yet another book to study the TM’s took each of us off separately.

I followed Dom down to the recreation room and waited while he racked the balls on the pool table. He handed me a cue and told me I had earned the break. It was set up for nine ball. I managed to get two balls in before scratching. It was obvious that Dom played often. He cleared the other seven balls off the table to win the game.

“Wow, glad we weren’t betting on the game,” I said honestly impressed by his skill.

“Who said we weren’t betting,” Dom shot back with a grin.

“I didn’t hear you mention the stakes,” I said weary of what was coming.

“Damn I knew I forgot something. Doesn’t matter since usual house stakes are sexual favors. I don’t need to win a game to get that from you.”

“Oh so you brought me down here to fuck me?” I asked in a smartass tone.

“No and remember we are in the house and cut the disrespect!” He snapped back.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I thought we were friends,” I said in a tone that conveyed the hurt I was feeling.

“John we are friends. But there are rules of behavior between pledges and TM’s. I have to enforce the rules or this is all meaningless,” Dom said in a sympathetic tone.

Truth was I was getting a little tired of the game. I still wanted to be an AOK, but I wasn’t sure about putting up with a whole semester of the brother’s bullshit.

“I’m sorry Dom. Things were just a little intense earlier and I guess I am tired.”

“You should be tired. By the way you did great; impressed the shit out of Brock!”

“Fuck I sucked. I was embarrassed as shit to miss so many questions.”

“No one passes that first test. But, you probably set some kind of record. You avoided getting naked longer than anyone in at least the last six years, including the fucking archivists.”

“Wow, would have thought those guys got every question right. So you went out faster?”

“Yeah, I was second man, probably still have a couple of welts on my ass,” He said with a chuckle I took to mean that he was kidding.

“What I really need to tell you though is now that you set such a high standard you are going to have to perfect on the next test. Those other two might be able to miss a couple and not fail. You can’t fuck up. Troy and I will help you study and you also have Kyle. He is a fucking sponge on the brotherhood history.”

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4 thoughts on “Gay And Bi Sex On Campus Pt 10

  1. Steve says:

    John need to think his head on his shoulders not with the one between his legs join AOK great but in my book if you say you love some one why do you sleep around he going to loose him but it migjt be the best and he can get donte back AOK needs to take ray down i know what rape is as i was at 14 john need to step back and be a lover not a mean dom

  2. penfire says:

    So hope that Kyle and John stay as rookies and bed mates/ Too bad Ray was an ass and jerk/
    Makes a guy want to quit with that kind of brash torture. Too bad they cannot get rid of a guy who wants to abuse his “power”. Hope we have a happier chapter next time. WAnt Kyle and John to be a couple

  3. Jeffrey James Lum says:

    I am slightly disappointed in the turn of the story… I was hoping John and Kyle could make it work but that’s not going to happen. What I’m hoping happens now, is that they can some how get Dante away from Ray, so he can be with Kyle. I know they are all in college and around 19-22 years of age so I can understand all the sex and not really knowing everything or having everything figure out. So John, while loving Kyle but not wanting to be committed, is not a surprise. I just feel bad for Kyle. Here hoping the writer doesn’t go too far of the rails with the rest of the story. 🤞🤞🤞

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