Bare Cockhead Seeks Twink’s Butt

I teased his asshole with the vibrator some more until I could tell that it was relaxed and ready for more.


It had been a quiet day at my salon this Friday. I run a small salon in a midsized town in the western U.S. I do hair styling of course, manicures and pedicures and some massage. Some of my women clients like a relaxing massage, but since I’m gay, I assure you, it’s strictly professional.

Yeah, I’m gay, but I don’t really fit the stereotype of a gay hair styler. My hair is dark brown and a little on the short side. I go to the gym 5 days a week and have a pretty buff body. I’m 34 yo, 6 ft tall, 170 pounds and I can bench press almost 300. I’m not a hunk, but I still get a lot of attention from the ladies – and the guys too.

It was busy this morning but as the day grew on, it had gotten quieter and quieter. I usually close at 6 pm on Friday’s, but it was 5:30 now and I’d already cleaned up and I was thinking of closing early.

I was in the backroom when I heard the bell at the front door ring. I went up front and saw that a cute teen guy in shorts and a t-shirt had just come in. He was about 18 or 19, with sandy brown hair, blue eyes, probably about 5’10” or 11” and a lean lanky body.

“Come on in,” I welcomed him. “I’m Dan and this is my salon. I was just about to close because it’s been so slow, but I’m sure I can find some time for you. What can I do for you?”

The kid looked around, obviously impressed with the décor and cleanliness. He replied, “My name’s Justin and I’m a new freshman at the college here. I’ve been spending too much time studying in front of a computer and I feel sorta tight and very tense. I haven’t been sleeping too well either. I know I need more exercise, but I found you online and it said you give massages and I thought one might help. I’ve never had one before but I’ve always wanted to.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place, Justin,” I grinned. “As I said, I was about to close, so you’ll be my last customer. Go on down the hall into the first room on the right while I lock up so we won’t be disturbed.”

As I locked up, I smiled at my good fortune. I love twinks and this was a hot one. Hopefully I’d be able to get into his ass and my cock stiffened at the thought.

I walked into the massage room and found Justin sitting on the edge of the table.

I smiled to relax him. “Let me get to know you first, Justin. I like to have some rapport with my massage clients.”

“Tell you what, since it’s the end of the day, I’m going to have a drink while we talk. If you’re as tense as you say you are, I’m sure it would help you too. Do you like scotch? Think of it as medicinal if you don’t drink much and we won’t tell anybody.”

Justin grinned. “I’ve only drunk alcohol a little, but sure, I’d love one – thanks. It might help me to relax.”

I poured a couple of small scotches (about half water in his) handed one to Justin and sat back down, crossing my legs.

“So tell me about yourself, Justin – where you’re from, what your hobbies are, what you like to do – that sort of thing.

He took a couple sips from his drink first. “I grew up in a small town near San Luis Obispo in California. My mom and I live by ourselves, although now that I’m gone, I suspect her boyfriend will have moved in. There’s not much to tell about me. I spend a lot of time reading when I’m not doing homework, mostly sci-fi and fantasy and a good deal of time on fantasy computer games too. I like to swim and spent some time at the beach this summer and in my dad’s pool. I like to bike a lot too – in fact I biked over here.” But really, I guess I’m sort of a nerd. I’ve never had much of a social life and have dated very little. I’m pretty shy really.” He smiled sheepishly.

“Well,” I answered, “you look like you’re in great shape – all that swimming and biking must be helping. Plus there’s that high metabolism you guys have – I wish I had it still.”

“So what about sex? From what you’ve said, I’m guessing you’re a virgin. Right?”

“Yeah” he said embarrassed. “ ‘fraid so.”

“Well, don’t let it bother you – I’m sure that state won’t last long around here. There will be plenty of hot girls and even guys that will want to get you in bed with them.”

“So, tell me, which do you like, girls or guys?”

Justin coughed. “I don’t know – girls I suppose.”

I laughed, “Well, you’ll figure it out soon enough I suppose. I’m gay myself – I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

He looked surprised and a little nervous, but just shrugged.

“O.K. that’s enough for now,” I said.

“Let me check you out some now. Why don’t you take off your t-shirt and turn around so I can find your areas of greatest tension?”

Justin did as I asked and I was impressed with his pecs and flat stomach which I saw before he turned around. He wasn’t very muscular but it looked like he was well-toned. Just like I like them.

I felt around his neck and shoulder. “Yes, I can feel all the tension in here.”

I raised up his right arm and was pleased to see a nice growth of hair. It was trimmed and I smelled his armpit. Luscious! I love a guy with trimmed armpits.

“Nice extension, Justin – not too muscular, but nice muscle tone.”

“Now lean over the table, so I can check your lower back, gluts, and legs.”

He still had his pants on but I could see down the back of them and took a look and inhaled deeply. Not bad at all – besides I like my boys to be a little ripe. I felt through his pants and his ass was nice and firm and tight – no flab, but not boney either.

“A lot of tension in your back and gluts, Justin – I can certainly help there. Your legs seem to be in great shape – probably the bike riding.”

“O.K., turn around and let’s talk.”

“Now about the massage, I offer two types, the first is for 30 minutes and is basically a regular rubdown. It won’t help you much with your tension, but it would feel good. The other is a full body massage which is 90 minutes and it’s where I work on all your muscles – especially the gluts, your ass muscles. Most people don’t realize how much tension is stored in their ass and how that affects their lower back and legs. Have you ever heard the expression, ‘tight ass’?”

He nodded yes.

“Well, it means cheap, but it also means a person difficult to live with, who’s picky and often cross. You know the expression, ‘he’ or ‘she needs to get laid’ or ‘what she needs is a good fuck’?”

He nodded again.

“That’s because they’ve got a lot of tension – and I’ll guarantee a lot of it is centered in their ass. Sex, by the way, is a great way to lose that tension. But then you’re a virgin so far, so you haven’t had that outlet available yet.

You’ve got a lot of tension in your ass and I could relieve some of it for you if have the full body massage. As it happens, I’m having a special this month for college students and I’m offering the full body massage for the same price as the regular – only $30. Sound good?

He seemed nervous, but he nodded yes again.

“O.K. then. Take off your clothes, including your shoes and socks, and get up on the table laying face down while I warm up the massage oil and prepare the room so there will be a nice soothing ambience in here.”

I filled a bowl with warm water and put a bottle of massage oil in it. I have a special oil I use for guys. It feels good, is good for the skin, and it doesn’t soak in too quickly – but, more importantly, it has a slight fragrance that is musky and very sexy. I never fail to get turned on when I use it.

Then I lowered the lights so we could still see each other and lit the aromatic candles I had placed around the room. Lastly I turned on some of my favorite massage music which is trance-like, but has a nice, slow heavy beat in the background. I like to call it ‘music to fuck by’”

Justin was laying there, his head face down in the head rest, and I feasted my eyes on that beautiful, long, lanky, sexy, teen body in front of me. Some days it really does pay to come into work!

I took a towel and folded it and lifted his head and put the towel on top of the head rest. I wanted him to be able to see me and besides, I think it’s much more comfortable.

“That should be better, Justin. Are you comfortable? Warm enough?”

“Yeah, I’m fine – although I feel a little weird, being naked like this.”

I chuckled, “I suppose it does take some getting used to at that. Just relax, listen to the music, close your eyes if you want. Let your mind float. ”

“If at any time, what I’m doing hurts, let me know right away. Some of the things I do may hurt at first but should feel better after a few seconds. OK?”

“Sure,” he gulped.

“I’m going to take off my shirt too because I don’t want to get any oil on it. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Sure, no problem,” he answered.

I pulled off my shirt revealing my smooth chest and abs. It must be warm in here, because it sure felt better this way. I decided to take my shoes and socks off as well which would probably save me some time later. I then made sure Justin was comfortable, tested the oil on my arm, put some on Justin’s back and began rubbing it on.

“This isn’t too hot, is it Justin?”

“No, he said,” with his eyes closed, “it feels really good.”

Using long strokes, I spread the oil evenly over his back and then moved down to his legs and applied some more. He had his legs next to each other, so I spread them some, so I could get to the inner thighs. Lastly I put some on his ass which was tight and firm. I pulled his ass cheeks apart until I could see his pucker. I leaned over and took a sniff – nice! – and then dribbled some oil in his ass crack and especially on his hole so it could soak in. This oil is vegetable based and actually tastes pretty good, so I didn’t mind using it on something that I’d probably taste later.

“How’s it feeling so far, Justin? Relaxing?”

“It feels great – I love it!”

“Good, now don’t go to sleep on me, OK?”

“I won’t,” he replied.

I decided it would be easier to work on him if he were spread-eagled, so I moved his legs until each one was at the edge of the table and the same with his arms with his fingers hanging slightly over. I then proceeded to work on each arm, beginning with the hand. I started with his right hand, massaging the finger joints and flexing the palm. Then on to the wrist and the lower arm, raising it high enough so I could see the hair in his armpit. Finally on to his upper arm, letting his lower arm dangle so that his fingers were brushing against my shorts. When I finished that arm, I went on over to the other side and worked his left hand and arm.

I worked his shoulders and upper and lower back next, working down along his spine, letting my crotch slide along his fingers each time I went by them. Then on to his legs and feet, working from the feet up to his inner thighs and back. I could see his balls as I lifted his legs to work on them.

Finally I went back to his ass, applying more oil and this time dribbling some lube in his crack and onto his hole. I did some deep massage on his gluts this time. Next I spread his cheeks wide and rubbed along the crack, over his hole, and along his perineum to his balls which I touched lightly. I then came back to his hole, and rubbed my fingers several times around the pucker and finally pushing a finger slightly in and out so he could get used to the intrusion. He didn’t object, but actually lifted his ass some, so I pushed it in a little further, but he was really tight and I didn’t want to cause him any pain.

Next I got my favorite vibrator which is really a long dildo with ridges all along it. I positioned myself at the head of the table with my crotch pressed against his head and began rubbing it along his shoulders and back.

“Are you doing alright, Justin? You seem a lot more relaxed.”

“This feels so good, Dan. I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I feel a lot better already.”

“I’m glad to hear that – you were really tense. Your ass is still pretty tight and I’d like to loosen it up some more. Are you OK with that?”

“Whatever you think it takes, sure.”

I moved to his side and ran the vibrator over both of his cheeks, then I spread his cheeks so I could get a clear view of his pucker. It was a beautiful pink opening and I would have liked to tease it with my tongue, but unfortunately it was too difficult to get to from where I was and besides I felt it was too soon. Instead I turned the vibrator on and ran it all along the edges of his hole, occasionally pressing the tip against it.

His hand was hanging slightly over the table and I pressed my crotch lightly against it. He turned his hand and as I was rubbing the vibrator over his hole, his fingers were feeling my hard cock through my shorts. I knew I had him.

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